grow sweet juicy tomatoes

grow sweet juicy tomatoes

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Question by Patricia: I bought two heirloom tomatoes yesterday…?
now what the heck do i do with them? do you eat it just like a regular tomato, or are they better to cook with or what?

silly question, sorry

Best answer:

Answer by jimmy d.
Absolutely best eaten fresh, as is…not cooked! Do not refrigerate either. They are supposed to be the best tasting tomato you can find. I would slice or quarter them, add salt, pepper and a few drops of EVOO, and serve. Some fresh sweet basil garnish would be nice.

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  1. just like a rgular tomato

  2. Do not cook fresh or heirloom tomatoes them! Sliced with fresh mozzarella and olive oil, extra virgin if you have it and some basil leaves. MM GOOD.

  3. Hi Whitney, them fresh salt, pepper,
    2.butter, salt pepper or mayo-sandwhich,
    3.make into a hoagie sandwhich or any kinda sandwhich,
    4.cut tomato into wedges with cottage cheese,
    5. throw them into soups,
    6. buy more & freeze them for the winter.
    Have a good day. :0)

  4. Eat them raw with salt & pepper.

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