Growing a tomato plant from seed! 4-2012 part 1.wmv

Growing a tomato plant from seed! 4-2012 part 1.wmv

Growing a tomato plant from seed.
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Question by daisy: Senior gardeners, what is the best tomato plant that will grow well…..?
….that will grow well in a pot and produce good fruit. The Compari plant had last year gave a very small yield, almost like cherry tomatoes, tho they were sweet and good. This plant will get the most sun at noon until dusk when it’s quite hot.
Will it need any extra care besides tomato food?

Plus….when picking a whole watermelon or cantaloupe from the store, how can I tell if it’s ripe and ready to eat? I’ve been a city girl all my life and need advice on some things.

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Answer by shipwreck
I only grow tomatoes that ripen very soon like 56 days since we have a short season. Early Girl or cherry are earliest.

Cantaloupe look at the stem area and smell it. If it is moldy skip it, if it smells like cantaloupe it is ripe. Gently press the flesh and it should slightly give but not be dimpled.

Watermelon should be held on the flat of your hand and tapped to hear the sound. Hollow sounding in early season means it is ripe, late season hollow might mean overripe. If you are tone deaf look at the bottom of the melon and you will see a flat area of yellow where it laid on the ground. Larger area means it is riper.

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  1. we in new Zealand have one that is big , it goes under the name Beefsteak ot Grosse liss

  2. Beefsteak is one of the largest but I like Rutger tomatoes.

  3. I used to plant beefsteaks, but haven’t planted anything since ’08, too many deer around to eat them up.

  4. My husband and I have great success with Mr. Stripey’s.

  5. Here in U.K. a tomato plant called Moneymaker is very popular as they give a lot of fruits. They are average size but if you like large fruits there is one called Marmande and they grow very easily also.

    It is all down to climate and soil types though so what grows well here might not do so where you are.

  6. Beefsteaks plants are the best not the seeds.
    For a pot all you need is one plant for each pot.
    These can yiedl about 10 or more tomatoes each depending on how big the plants are/get.

  7. To get a good yield of vegetables, I don’t use regular potting soil because it has too high a nitrogen content. I get wonderful greenery but no vegetable output. I mix up cotton burrs (1 sack), green sand (1 sack), potting soil (4-6 sacks), and blood meal, plus some dried molasses. This mixture produces wonderful fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes I am raising are Early Girl and Beefsteak (Burpee). I haven’t raised watermelons nor cantaloupes for several years, because we have a severe drought problem here in TX and are limited on our watering. I remember that to raise cantaloupes properly, you need to have something under them (folded up newspapers will do in a pinch) once the fruits begin to produce, because they will rot if they sit on the ground. You have to be careful with them because they will break off the stems easily. Same with watermelons. When they have a yellow underbelly, they should be ripe. Thump them and listen as to whether they give off a hollow sound or not.

  8. I don’t know if all kinds grow in all soils and climates (probably not) but in the united kingdom I grew some very large ones (very similar to those some call beefsteak) and they were a great success.They are Marmande. I still have many seeds left from last year and, if it’s not too late for me to try again I shall use last year’s seeds and see what happens.

    In years gone by I (and other family members) have had much success with Moneymaker. They are smaller (not as small as cherry tomatoes though) and very uniform in shape and size with a lovely flavour. They give a very good crop. I’ve always grown tomatoes in grobags, the very cheap ones (around £1) which take 3 plants.

  9. Check out this web site.

  10. We had snowflakes a few hours north of you today so pick one that is weather resistant.

  11. When I lived further north, I planted best boys and had huge yields of nice sized tomatoes. Now that I live where it is terribly hot, tomatoes don’t do so well but in pots I have been told that cherry tomatoes do the best here. I have found that it is cheaper to simply buy tomatoes than to water them. I sure miss those sweet northern tomatoes though.

  12. It is best to check with your local nurseries for the correct tomatoes to grow in your area. They can also help you choose the correct type for a container, plus the correct potting soil and fertilizer.

    The fertilizer will usually be half strength from what is used in the ground.

    Tomatoes need lots of water; and about six hours of sun per day.

  13. I usually plant one Roma, and a yellow boy.
    Those are the ones I like best :)

  14. There is a cherry tomato that is specific for pots which should be good. I love the little pear tomatoes, they seem to have less acid than red ones.
    Watermelon should be creamy colored on the side that was laying on the ground, darkest green lines, even line design, curly stem, close veins at the stem end. Heaviest ones are juiciest.
    Cantaloupe should be heavy and have a distinct cantaloupe smell at the stem end.

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