Growing tomato plant in 2 liter soda bottle

Growing tomato plant in 2 liter soda bottle

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Question by Billy R: what is the best tomato plant?
how to grow the best tomatoes

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Answer by Kathy R
Beefeaters. That’s the best tomato plant. Nice big fruit with a short growing time.

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  1. You did not mention your region but in Northeast TN, “Mortgage Lifter”, “Early Girl”, and “Beef Steak” are by far the best. They are hardy, disease resistent, and bear into the fall. I picked green tomatoes in early November, before a hard frost, placed them in my heated garage and had ripe tomatoes in my Christmas salads! There are still a few remaining! Of the three mentioned, “Beef Steak” is the most productive.

    Do not fertilize after planting. Water deep and constantly. Stake to allow plenty air circulation. Do NOT plant them too close! 5 feet apart is good. Mulch to maintain constant moisture. Choose a location that has 8 hours of sun. Good luck!

  2. Checkout They have “Many” different varieties you can order in either by the plant or seeds.

  3. For tomato sandwiches, Brandywine has the best flavor. It is an heirloom and more susceptible to diseases than the hybrids, but the flavor is unbeatable. Honestly, I don’t get a lot of disease trouble either. The tomotoes are huge & very delicate, though.

    For earliness & productivity I like Early Girl, and the taste is good. Few disease problems.

    I like sun sugar & sun gold for cherry tomotoes. Super!!

    For sauces, I like Viva Italia. Very productive & reliable even if you have a cool season.

  4. Depends on what you mean by best. there are lots of criteria.
    Easy to grow, taste, resistance to disease, size, color.
    For me personally, taste is the most important criteria and having grown tens of varieties I can attest to what some other people are saying. Brandywine is definitelly way up close to the top. If you go to there is a forum in there just for tomato growers. you can learn a lot of things from people who have grown hundreds of varieties.
    The consensus on there is that Mariana’s Peace variety is probably the top contender for #1 spot, although some varieties of Brandywine and Black Cherokee are favorites too.
    As for me, some of my most favorite are:
    Large tomato category:
    Kellog’s Breakfast (Big, yellow, incredible taste. It’s actually related to brandywine)
    Pruden’s Purple – Excellent taste, big tomatoes (I’ve grown a 2 1/4 pound one before, and they mature earlier than Brandywine.
    Brandywine – excellent taste, a bit of a challenge to grow. Beware, not all varieties labeled Brandywine are the same thing. There is a particular strain that is the best.
    I’ve also heard very good things about Mortgage Lifter. I didn’t have luck with it when I tried it.

    Cherry tomato category:
    Sungold is hands down the best tasting cherry tomato. Quite sweet and slightly pineapplish. (orange color)
    Dr. Caroline – These are exquisite as well, they’re colored sort of an ivory color when they’re ripe.

    I don’t have time to list all of them since there are lots of great varieties.
    i tend to grow heirlooms not hybrids, (although Sungold is a hybrid).

    if you’re looking for seeds, can supply you with most of these varieties. They have a really nice catalog they can send you that shows you what these look like and what properties they have.

    The main thing to consider is your location and soil type.
    If you want more advice specific to your location you can send me a message.

    You can see some of the varieties I mentioned here:
    1 Kellog’s Breakfast
    4 Pruden’s Purple
    6 Sungold
    9 Sweet Milion
    6 Cherokee
    7 Dr. Caroline

    the little ones in husks are pineapple tomatillos. they’re very tasty.
    I don’t remember what the others are.

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