HD Aquaponics – Ep.18 – Now cycling on a timer, planting the strawberry towers, floating raft

HD Aquaponics - Ep.18 - Now cycling on a timer, planting the strawberry towers, floating raft

Well we finally got the dwarf tomato plants planted inside the strawberry towers. The lettuce planted inside the floating raft bed. And finally converted our…
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Question by Famous_82: How many tomatoes can a single roma tomatoe plant produce?
I have about 12 roma tomatoes plants and I’m curious, how many tomatoes I will end up with from each plant?

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Answer by Elysium
Each plant should provide you with a minimum of 20 tomatoes per plant but if you tend them well (providing support for the plants) they can keep producing for quite a long time. Make sure you pick them when they are just about ripe so the plant can concentrate on producing more. Beware, of the birds because they love tomatoes, especially mocking birds and they know exactly when the tomato is ripe. You will have to give some tomatoes away if you plant that many plants. Keep the soil well watered and don’t let it get too dry because the tomatoes will not be to your liking.

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  1. Hmm i don’t think I would plant tomatoes in those towers as there is not
    much room for the roots. ( that is just me ) have you done this before?

  2. If root rot is a problem, wouldn’t the floating beds be dead? Just sayin..

  3. We use the foam insulation you’d find at a big box hardware store. It is
    non-toxic and works great.

  4. low oxygen is you problem for your root problems

  5. great videos. ps. what kind of foam do you use for your float beds? I hear
    not all are made equal… I’m looking for a long lasting, non-toxic faom.

  6. looks good man….. first view haha

  7. @marthale7 I afraid you’re right. I think they will get root bound and will
    clog the towers. I left strawberries in mine for an extra season and some
    of them got clogged. I’d hate to see what toms do!

  8. If you put a few drops of non toxic dish soap in water you can spray those
    aphids and they will die off very quickly . They have a oil skin sort of,
    and soapy water will get rid of it, and they will dehydrate. No need for

  9. @megal0w Those bugs are aphids sucking the life out of that brassica.
    Squish them between your fingers if they are anywhere near an aquaponics
    system. Otherwise you can hose them off with a strong jet of water.

  10. Pruned or un-pruned? Unpruned Romas gave me two, three dozen or more each plant. Pruned Romas gave fewer but were bigger, earlier. If your Romas are for sauce then don’t prune. If they are for table eating then prune the plants. I get far more volume of Romas from unpruned plants.

  11. Well thats tough really because each plant is diffrent and will grow and produce based on genes climate ph and how fertile your soil is.Your tomatoes wont all be ready at once.So plant more and have more at once if your putting them up.i grow about 75 romas a year to be put up for winter.Wierd fruit really but grows well in most conditons.I get my soil well tilled add my npk i like 10-10-10 then once my plants are in i like to water with miricle grow.I hate getting blossom rot so i keep up on micro nutrents to prevent that.Also keep in mind if your nitrogen is to hight your plant will grow as fast and green as you will ever see.But the draw back to that is less fruit.so once blooms hit lower your nitrogen to alow the plant to focuss on gruit and not plant.Good luck oh remember tomatos dont like acid soil keep it at 7 or so

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