HD Indoor Aquaponics – Death by indeterminate tomato plants

HD Indoor Aquaponics - Death by indeterminate tomato plants

Music by Chris Wells – burn it up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @expat08 Oh these tomatoes have been removed a long time ago. They are
    growing in my raised beds now. The grow beds are 12″ deep. That is a good
    depth for an aquaponics system so we try and keep all of our systems about
    that depth. The problem was the roots were traveling down the drain with
    the water, clogging my system. Thanks for watching!

  2. @bestestmama Actually I just went out there today and everything is doing
    really well, including the melon. I will have an update in a few days.
    Added a website link, thanks for the idea!!

  3. @edpozek cool! Cant wait to see!

  4. u shouldnt but dirt in your system

  5. Ed you’re so awesome!

  6. Aquaponics is misspelled in almsot everything on your videos. Not sure if
    you know that or not. :)

  7. great green thumb… i subscribe you subscribe.. ky ky-yakin is my set

  8. Ed, how deep is your bed? It doesn’t look deep enough on the video. The
    tomato roots might be growing sideways. Just a thought :-)

  9. Those tomato plants look very good Of course before you head to pull them..
    But didn’t get a chance to do whats called harden off Before you took him
    outside… Great job..

  10. how will they do different in the barrel system than the other bed?? And I
    was very sad to see your melon plant!! It was looking so awesome!! Also, I
    searched for your facebook page and couldnt find it. You should put it on
    your youtube page under websites so that we can just click on it 😉

  11. @JoshABand Hey thanks for the tip! I’ve been adding just regular earthworms
    to the system as I dig them up. I do want to add some of those little red
    guys too. I wonder if you can have too many? I’m planning on a video on
    this very subject. Thanks again for the comment!

  12. you should put some red wriggler worms in your aquaponics systems…they
    will eat all of your dead roots that you leave behind, and turn it into
    worm castings that will fertilize your plants. when the worms reproduce you
    can feed the excess ones to your tilapia. i have a worm bin so that i can
    compost my food and feed the worms that reproduce to my fish. the worms are
    great for the aeration in your systems.

  13. and ur aq bed should be 24” for good tomatoe root, but your systems are

  14. @goldenenz Lol thanks Steph, tell your friends 😉

  15. this video shows the reason for internal siphoning. if the roots enter the
    screen, you simply turn the screen a few times around and pull the root
    out. doesn’t hurt the plants and easier to maintain. also, your bell
    siphons are potentially too large for your beds, a 1″ stand pipe, 1.5″ bell
    and 2 or 2.5″ screen pipe is usually sufficient for beds like yours.

  16. Your Tomato plants and the water melon plant looks really healthy. Great
    pity the bed is crowdered.

  17. @edpozek the compost worms regulate its population based on size of the
    food source. So no, you can’t have too many

  18. By placing an additional housing a half inch outside the bell syphon
    intake, I stopped all the roots from clogging my system.

  19. why don’t u rinse away the dirt b4 u plant them in the gravel ? all others
    I have seen does that, so it don’t accumulate soil in your rocks and tanks.

  20. @SCGoodOlBoy … i lost some cucumbers and yeah it sucks.

  21. Man I hope they pull through. That sucks you had to go through that.

  22. lack of minerals like calcium, magesium, iron etc??

  23. Also did you put any chemicals in the water for the plants. Or is it only
    the waste from the fish feeding the plants ?

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