Healthy Recipes…Avocado & Tomato Salad

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Question by : Good dressing for this salad?
Alright, I’m cooking dinner tomorrow night, and there’ll be a few friends over. I wanted to have a salad, but in all the actual recipes, there always one thing I don’t like. So I decided to wing it and just kinda mix a impromptu salad with these:
Iceberg Lettuce
Diced Tomato
Sliced red onions
Chopped walnuts

What would be a good dressing?
Would ranch be ok?

Best answer:

Answer by Janet
Yogurt dressing. Fo sho.

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  1. Hi LaSha, the beginning of the video has the ingredients. Check it out. Juan

  2. You have to buy them ripe at the peak of their taste. And all varieties
    taste very different! I’ve eaten them for many years, and the best so far
    is organic brown mini avocado.

  3. you are welcome.

  4. Coach, I totally missed that….LOL I must have gotten distracted or
    something. But I was pretty close, wasn’t I? : Thanks for all that you do!
    xoxo, I am Love. LaSha’

  5. I love you videos. You do a great job on your receipes, timing and viewing.
    Your music is always wonderful, who is that? Your Eqypt music was so

  6. @blinkblinkblinkkdd not bad at all

  7. Never tried Avocados in my entire life. I heard bad things about the taste
    lol. Does it really taste that bad? I know it is extremely healthy.

  8. I love avacados! You didn’t write what the ingredients are, I could see:
    avacado tomato lemon juice diced red onion salt pepper extra virgin olive
    oil cilantro? and something else???? It looks delicious! I am Love. LaSha’

  9. Thanks so much for the simple and healthy salad!

  10. welcome

  11. Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from
    LSWEIGHT(.)INFO Wow. Great transformation. You look great!

  12. vinaigrette

  13. A good sweet & sour French or Russian dressing is good.

    A mixture of Miracle Whip type salad dressing and sugar milk and Parmesan cheese is a delicious lettuce salad dressing.

  14. In my taste bud opinion, Balsamic Vinegar would taste mighty fine with that assortment!

  15. I’d do a ranch or a homemade blue cheese for this salad. Sounds yummy!

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