Heirloom Tomato Seeds 8

Heirloom Tomato Seeds 8

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Question by I Love Jesus: In planting tomato plants, do I add anything ? read:?
I haven’t grown tomatoes for 30 years, but……….. I can’t remember, do I add anything to the soil and do I fertilize the plants ? I grow tons of flowers, but forget all about tomatoes 😉

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Answer by C
Plant them into a growbag or into plenty of good quality compost and feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer such as Tomarite or Baby Bio. Tomatoes need a lot of water so check them daily.

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  1. It’s hard to say what your soil needs without being tested. However, add a little bit of lime to prevent blossom end rot. When the plant is about 8 inches tall I add about one tablespoon of 8-8-8 fertilizer about 8 inches from the plant. I scratch it into the soil without disturbing the roots of the plant. Don’t put too much as you will have a lot of branch and leaf growth and very few tomatoes. The best thing if you have it is to work in an inch or two of finished compost where you will plant one. Tomatoes are not much different than growing flowers.

  2. Buy a bag of top soil and a bag of composted cow manure (from Lowe’s, menards etc). For each plant use a full bag of the top soil and half a bag of the cow manure and mix it into the soil where you will plant the tomatoes. Mix it into the existing soil at least 10-12 inches deep. This will provide a deep, loose soil with some organic content and you won’t really need to fertilize your plants at all. When you plant the tomatoes, plant them deep. Plant the stem all the way into the ground to the first leaf. You can even remove the bottom leaf and plant them deep enough to cover the area where you removed the leaf. Tomatoes will root where ever the ground touches the stem. Planting them deep will ensure a strong plant with plenty of roots. Plant them in full sun if possible (at least 6 hours of direct sun per day) or if that’s not possible plant them with no less than 4 hours of direct sun per day. Keep them watered and periodically check them for tomato horn worms. If you notice your plants are being eaten then you probably have tomato hornworms. You will have to look carefully because they are green and difficult to spot. Just pull them off and step on them or sprinkle Sevin Dust on them. If you follow these guidelines you will have tomatoes by the dozens! Good Luck! :-)

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