Homemade Baby Food: Tuna Pasta w/Creamy Tomato Sauce

Homemade Baby Food: Tuna Pasta w/Creamy Tomato Sauce

Another recipe from Annabel Karmel 100 Top Baby Purees.
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Question by j dddddd: Recipe for baked pasta with spinach in tomato sauce?
I am looking for a recipe for baked pasta with spinach and tomato sauce because well it just sounds good. Not sure what would go good in it. Sausage? And what kind of cheese would be good?

If anyone has a recipe idea for me I would thank you to share it=)

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Answer by H
You don’t need a recipe. You already have the ingredients and what to go with it…go ahead!

We don’t know your palate so just experiment.

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  1. Thank uou so much I hope my baby love those recipes….I think u saved
    me……as he hates lsunch but inshALlah with your great wonderful help it
    willl be eady
    Thank uuuu

  2. Didn’t play…?!?

  3. Omgggg, im so glad iv found u, I buy ready made meals. And uv saved meee!
    Definitely going to try these recipes for my son. Thankyouu. Uv jus got
    urslf a new subscriber here!! :)

  4. I was reading that recipe in the book. Now it seems easy that I saw a video
    to go with I’ll be buying that for my twins today. Gracias

  5. Works for me.

  6. great video– i making this for dinner!

  7. Let me know how it works out!

  8. I hope it works out well for you! My son ate this a few times, but this one
    didn’t seem to be his favorite. Her baby food books are awesome! Thanks for
    the comment.

  9. Awesome! Thanks. I’ve got another little one on the way soon so maybe some
    more videos in the future.

  10. that looks like a great meal for me! Lol… How old is your son when you
    fed him, he’s so cute! Ill have to try this on my son. thanks! keep em

  11. He’s probably 11 months at this point. Thanks!

  12. Please go to http://www.allrecipies.com and click on lasagne. There will be all kinds clik on lasagna with spinach etc.

    You will enjoy this site.

  13. What you want to do, sounds delish and close to what I made tonight.
    The easy suggestion I have is, to buy ready frozen stuffed ravioli from either Costco, or a grocery store.
    Mine were spinach and cheese, so I know it’s out there.
    Directions are on the package for boiling them in water, then drain them. use lightly salted water and a little Olive oil in the water so they do not stick together.
    oops– I thought you wrote cheese and spinach. An alternative —You could make your spaghetti sauce by adding cooked spinach to the recipe for the sauce.
    It also works if you want to add other vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower zucchini or your choice.
    Next thing to do is make a tomato based spaghetti sauce as I sent the link below. There are many recipes online. Here is a link to one I like and make:
    The reason to buy the Ravioli is to save yourself from hard work or disasterous results trying to make them from scratch. The ones from Costco are delicious, and with a home made sauce, you can personalize it.
    If you want you can cut up sausages or hot dogs and fry them up and then add them to your sauce as it cooks. There are so many options.

  14. Here’s a recipe for Spinach ricotta cannellonis. I made them the other night and they were really easy and absolutely delicious.


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