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Question by Ushta B: How do you keep tomatoes fresh?
I like tomatoes that are stiff and red inside. Every time I buy tomatoes they lose their color and turn green inside or they become so soft and ugly.

What is the best way to preserve tomatoes for like 10 days?
I do put them in the fridge, this is what happens when you put them in fridge too. I can’t go shopping every two days there must be a way to preserve them otherwise they would become so uneconomical for farmers and retailers

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Answer by juaky_me
why not put them in the refrigerator?ü

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  1. This is close to how I make salsa. I do not use red bell peppers [as we
    know them in the South], and I add scallions with a pinch of cilantro. 

  2. He took too long to say it taste good something was off lol

  3. This recipe is shit, I did it and it looks and tastes nothing like salsa..
    It’s pretty bad

  4. Looks gross.

  5. Add a clove of garlic it adds a nice kick to it but this is how I make my
    salsa but I leave it more chunky than you do.. keep up the cooking I follow
    a lot of your work and always tastes good 

  6. To eat fake dorito knock offs or not to eat fake dorito knock off, that is
    the question. I will go find the dip…..


  7. Lol his face after he tasted the salsa. Hmmm u say? He didn’t like it lol

  8. dude, how could you, rarely i’ve seen something as wrong as this…

  9. Don’t be double dipping

  10. what is that thing ingredients the other red one?

  11. I want to marry you if you’re single. lol

  12. Do you have to add the peppers?

  13. 😀

  14. Is a capticum like a bell pepper

  15. @ecqkch You can add fish sauce & chili sauce. :)

  16. @joshbowman0404 :)

  17. 1 Red capsicum. They are called bell peppers in the States 😀

  18. @pilottobe1 Okay. I think in the USA Red Capsicum’s are called Red Bell
    Peppers :)

  19. they get called peppers in a lot of countries? Red, green and yellow

  20. Thanks 😀

  21. @NidaPakhtuna Thanks for the comment.

  22. Generally the lifespan of salsa depends on the tomatoes. Check the use by
    date for those and knock a day or two off – the acid in the lime “cooks”
    the salsa ingredients and breaks them down a little faster.

  23. My mouth is watering. I like your salsa, looks perfect! I wish I can do
    this one of this day. Thanks:-)

  24. Gotta try this!!!

  25. What Is That Stuff You Said @ 0:50

  26. Don’t put them in the fridge, and only buy what you will use in the next 2 days. Why do u want to stock up on them?

  27. try puting them in the fridge or frezer

  28. In the summer I get several pounds of tomatoes from a nice neighbor. I wash them, then cut them up, then cook them and let cool. Then I freeze them in freezer bags so in the winter I can make homemade tomato soup, chili and spaghetti sauce.

    Look for well-formed tomatoes that are smooth, ripe and blemish-free. Fully ripe tomatoes will be a consistent, rich red color and will be slightly soft. For tomatoes not quite fully ripe, look for color ranging from pink to light red and firm texture.Tomatoes with the stems attached lose moisture more slowly and stay fresh longer. Avoid overripe and bruised tomatoes which are soft and watery. Tomatoes should not have green or yellow areas or cracks near the stem scar. Avoid tomatoes with soft spots, depressed areas or surface mold. If tomatoes need ripening, store them at room temperature. Don’t store tomatoes in the refrigerator unless they’re fully ripe. The cold temperatures might keep them from ripening. Store tomatoes stem-up, to avoid bruising the shoulders.

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