Homestead Help – Tomato Talk – Season 1, Episode 2

Homestead Help - Tomato Talk - Season 1, Episode 2

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Question by FLhazel79: I need to substitute grape tomatoes for standard tomatoes in a recipe?
My recipe calls for 4 medium tomatoes coarsely chopped. How many cups of grape tomatoes would that be? Thanks!

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Answer by Jedi Jan
Although I have not heard of “grape” tomatoes before I guess they are the same as our “cherry” tomatoes. I would hazard a guess at about 3-4 cups, but they would not include as much fluid as regular ones, although you could add a paste also. It would seem a bit wasteful though as the special varieties are usually more expensive. I just bought a kilo of regular (small) tomatoes which cost me $ 5.45 (AU), about 60c each. You could always purchase a bottle of pre-chopped tomatoes; for cooking they are just fine.

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  26. 3-4 cups and your going to have alot of tomato skin and little flesh. Consider boiling them for 20 seconds the skins will easily peel.

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