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Question by Armide: Should I treat my hard water before giving it to my tomato plants?
The city I live in has hard water. From the latest report 2008 the average is ‘very hard’ at 160ppm (around 9.3 grains per gallon). There looks to be a lot of calcium and magnesium in the water, and it is treated with chlorine apparently. The average pH of tap water is also 7.9.

I haven’t done an official pH test yet myself, but my tap water has a yellow tint in large quantities. I have a filtered dispenser pitcher for drinking and cooking.

My question- will using my tap water detrimentally affect my Roma and Sweet 100 tomato (or my Spicy Globe basil) plants? Should I use filtered water or just treat the tap water somehow before hand? My thought is that the Ca and Mg would actually benefit my plants, but the alkaline pH worries me (should it?) I planted them in Miracle-Gro potting mix last week and it’s “fertilizer analysis” is 0.21-0.7-0.14

To the plant’s credit- they seem to be doing fine, one is particularly happy and has grown at least half in size (Roma last week 4in, today about 6in!) I’ve pinched off the few flowers that’ve appeared and will continue to do so until the plants are at least 18″ They get filtered sun from sunrise and full sun from 10AMish to sunset. (Is that TOO much? it’s at least 10hrs). If it helps, I live in Los Angeles, CA (yup I’m planning on getting a shade for them come July).

Any opinions on the water or anything else is very much appreciated. I’m a worrynut, so sue me :)

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Answer by heart o’ gold
Probably won’t hurt the plants.

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  1. In our neck of the woods (England) we simply save boiled water from the tea kettle to water all plants with. Also water you’ve cooked veggies in – lots of nutrients there, but not brussel sprouts or you’ll pong your house out. Otherwise it sounds like you’re doing a grand job – nothing much can go wrong in all that California sun, lucky you! :)

  2. The best thing to do is set out a bucket and collect rain water.It’s free and better for the plants

  3. calcium and magnesium are a couple of the best things you can GIVE your tomatoes!!… the lack of calcium can cause blossom end rot… and giving a dose of Epsom salts to add magnesium is always good for a tomato and many other plants, too…. so your water is GOOD stuff for the plants… I’d watch the basil, tho…. perhaps some collected rain water would be better there… can’t say for sure how basil feels about the trace calcium and magnesium….. no use taking a chance….

    if your pH worries you there’s lots of ways to add a little acid…. from garden sulfur to vinegar…. get that test done so you know for sure …..

  4. Should do fine, sounds like they have already. Only “bad” thing would be the chlorine, but you can just sit the water out in a bucket and let it gas off in an hour or so. Given that people drink the water and also use it to water lawns and trees, really should not be an issue. And since you are in LA I know you probably can’t catch rain water! I have extremely hard well water, and my Romas do great- though I can’t plant mine this year for another month

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