How To Clone Tomatoes For FREE Fall Tomato Plants

How To Clone Tomatoes For FREE Fall Tomato Plants It’s fast and easy to clone tomato plants. Let me show you how to clone tomatoes, so you can get free fall tomato plants. http:/…
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Question by Bees Nest: What on earth is getting at my tomato plants?!?
Something is eating the blossoms off my tomato plants. It’s like there is the main stem there and 4-6 little stems where the flower grew and the tomato would have developed if not eaten. I don’t know, maybe a little baby tomato started to develop and it got eaten. It’s gotta be an insect rather than a rodent because the plants are staked up 4 feet off the ground. What could this possibly be that would so specifically go after that part of the plant and at that stage of development?

The only insects I’ve seen are wasps/hornets/ bees. I’m not sure what they are. They are not honeybees, but look like wasps with yellow/black stripes. I thought they were good, but could this be what is eating them? If you know what it is, can you tell me what to do? I have three otherwise healthy plants and have only had about 18 tomatoes all summer.

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Answer by Arlene
The problem I have is deer eating the tomato flowers.

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  1. Did you poke holes in the bottoms of your cups or leave them solid…thanks
    for your videos I’ve watched lots of them!

  2. can this be done with carrots? Also, how do ya get a business license to
    sell cloned plants? for NY i mean

  3. Where do you get the tubs please?

  4. Free tomatoes is right..suckers grow non-stop. I use 4″ orange rounds, the
    soil is a mix of coconut coir, perlite and vermiculite. I wet the soil
    first, and had to laugh because I also use a marker to put the suckers into
    each pot. Works great, lol. One thing I do also is to cut a 45 degree angle
    on the end, and use a knife to scrape
    the stalk gently. I find this helps to stimulate the root growth. Yes, the
    clones are very sad at first, but they do pick up. I’ve used this same
    technique on many plants and yes, it works just fine.

  5. an heirloom like Rutgers you need no license as it is free to duplicate… 

  6. you should look at a product called azos
    there are videos like show comparisons between azos and other cloneing

  7. To get fruit on your veg. you need to artificially inseminate them!

  8. To set them out side you have gradually wing them off from the perfect
    condition they where grow in. they had perfect lighting air and temp as
    well as nutrients, they will go in to shock if you wing them off to fast,
    from out door and to soil, i was running out of space hehehe

  9. I also find out all plants prefer hydroponics, i tried about every thing
    black berries, pepper,squash, corn ,beans, pine trees, grapes ect Each
    Plant Prefer The Hydroponics over out doors gardening, was just a winter
    garden i tried to get a jump on spring time and it worked prefect

  10. I took my suckers and hydroponic them, Yes they will go in water with a air
    bubble mixture in the water under hps lights and a fan blowing fresh air on
    them, but they prefer this, you go set them out side, they don’t like it
    out side, they love the hydroponics indoor growing . They even do better
    and grow faster inside than out side. I know it sound crazy but its true

  11. Excellent video, really enjoyed it. When I clone mine they go directly in
    the garden planted in a depression made in the row which holds water
    allowing it to drain right into the root system. Keeps from having to water
    but once every 1-2 days. Nice looking garden and I like the chickens. :-)

  12. Yep, where I live, the spring and fall crops are one in the same. We
    ‘might’ get 110 days between frost dates and it gets down to 50 degrees
    every night in-between, which slows the vigor of plant growth. Even
    radishes take two months to grow. Any places for sale there next to you? lol

  13. Yep ! They were playing out. I pulled them up right before the new (cloned)
    plants were ready to go back in their place.

  14. Herd DAT !! :)

  15. Will you put your new tomatoes in the same spot as the current garden?

  16. Excellent idea.

  17. So it is the same tomato plant that produced tomatoes in the spring/summer,

  18. When you, “clone” these tomatoes or any like it, are you taking clone after
    clone each cycle of the plant life? And if so does the quality of the
    tomato suffer after many generations of the plant? Is there any possible
    issues that come as a result of multiple generations of cloning? Or is this
    a common practice for producing or preserving a type of tomato?

  19. Great video! This is what I do also. I enjoy doing cuttings. I did a couple
    Hisbiscus from my plant & they are doing great! They seem to root very easy
    also with no root hormone. Need to do me some more fig trees too. I
    agree….fall gardening is much more pleasant. Love those Cayenne Peppers!!!

  20. Great video. I know its personal but would you be willing to share with me
    what area of Texas you live in. We live in Michigan and dream of moving to
    your wonderful state. Thank You Deanna

  21. Do you need to wait till after the plant fruits to cut the sucker? Thanks
    for the video!

  22. What kind of tubs are those, how deep?

  23. I’ve done several, I think. Look at my Playlist on “propagation”…

  24. Very informative sir, I really appreciate your channel and your videos. I’m
    thinking of building a greenhouse like the one that you build with the
    cattle wire but I’m going to try to make it bigger in height….keep track
    of my channel for some videos. Probably start on it in a couple of months.

  25. I had waited till the end of the video, to see the survived tomatoes, well
    34 out or 36 is too good as cloning success. Thanks, sure I am doing the
    same even in balcony space.

  26. I suspect your problem is a lack of pollenation rather than being caused by insects or critters. Sometimes it is just the wrong variety for your climate. I have never heard of any insect that will chew off just the blossoms on a tomato plant. The other cause of blossom drop is incorrect watering practices. Read the following web page and see what you think:

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