How to Cut Tomato Leaves to Produce More Fruit : The Chef’s Garden

How to Cut Tomato Leaves to Produce More Fruit : The Chef's Garden

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Question by Unknown: what type of fertilizer helps tomato plants grow best?
what type of fertilizer helps tomato plants grow best?

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Answer by fuzzykjun
well cured,, 2 year old, rabbit manure! nothing beats it

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  4. Awesome iv just started growing tomatoes

  5. 8-8-8 or Nursery Special will work well. So will Job’s tomato stakes.

  6. I agree with the first answer. Rabbit manure works wonders, so does miracle grow.

  7. use sheep pellets to start, and when flowers come give a feed of potash, water well in

  8. I mix Miracle Gro with water and pour in the hole when I transplant for a quick , healthy start then in about a month I side dress with 13 – 13 – 13 analysis , and when they start blooming I foliar feed with Miracle Gro through the entire fruit production stage. Been using this combination since Christ was a corporal with outstanding results.

  9. Water soluble fertilizers such as Miracle Gro work fine. Just be sure to avoid watering the tops of the plants. Wet foliage will encourage diseases to develop.

    You can also use a granular type fertilizer. Scatter the granules around the plant and water them in well. Don’t let the granules come in contact with the plant is this may cause it to burn.

    5-10-10 or 5-15-15 works well. After the plant blossoms, you want more potassium and phosphate than nitrogen in the fertilizer. This will help the plant produce the best fruit and more of it. Nitrogen helps a plant grow foliage. Potassium and phosphate help the plant produce fruit. If there’s too much nitrogen in the fertilizer, the plant will get very large but won’t produce very many tomatoes.

    The following link has lots of good info about planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting tomatoes, along with stuff about diagnosing tomato plant diseases.

    Good luck!

  10. I recommend using Spray-N-Grow’s fertilizer. For my tomatoes, I use their Perfect Blend Kit (fertilizer, plant vitamins, etc.), Better Reds Mulch Film (for stimulating growth), and Nutri-Cal (calcium to help prevent blossom end rot). Good Luck!

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