How to Dice a Tomato –

How to Dice a Tomato -

Here’s a quick demo on how to dice a tomato. It’s a pretty simple process, you just want to make sure you don’t crush the tomato and turn it into mush. A sha…
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Question by Kitty S: Which tomato should I plant?
I am getting ready to plant my garden. Which tomato should I plant for canning and which tomato for the table? Any suggestions?


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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
I like to cann Roma’s because they are so easy to process. Just scald them, and then dip them out of the hot water and squeeze them, they pop out of the skins and right into the jar. No pealing or chopping required.

For Table Use, I like Early Girl for early summer, Medfords for mid summer and BrandyWines for Late summer. Early Girl and Brandy Wines are Indeterminate meaning they will grow all summer. Medfords are determinate, they produce mid summer and then stop growing and producing.

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  1. Ugh, why haven’t I looked this up before?? Thanks so much for this

  2. Good job !

  3. Thanks…glad you liked it.

  4. You mean to skin it right? That’s a good technique to use.

  5. I’m no chef, but you should’ve concasse the tomato first (scald it). Fast
    boiling bath, then ice bath. Search about it.

  6. The tecnical term is “to seed” a tomato.

  7. Thanks!

  8. I have no formal training and always struggled with tomatoes; this is
    definitely a good way to do it seeing as I’ve probably tried about every
    other method possible. the only thing I do differently is remove most the
    seeds but I always make Greek salad so this makes more sense for a sauce
    (like you said)

  9. Great video! Glad to see how to dice with the seeds! Thank you!

  10. Thank you sir…so easy once you’ve got some knife skills under your belt

  11. Well done. Thanks

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  13. Great Tutorial Dave! Thanks for posting!

  14. Ha ha…glad you found it helpful.

  15. man.. sharpen your knife…

  16. Just don’t talk them out!

  17. saw another user’s comment.. how do I dice tomatoes if I don’t want seeds
    in it, i.e. if it’s for a pasta sauce or greek salad?

  18. For canning I recommend the Romas. The best disease resistant determinate brand of tomato I’ve ever grown is the Celebrity. Hybrids like 444 or 666 are good too. For cherry tomatoes I highly recommend the sweet 100s and even better are the yellow cherries. Of course there are many different kinds that might do well for you. I plant three or four different kinds. That way I have a better chance of seeing which I will plant in the future. Your local garden center can help you a lot. Just ask.

  19. For canning, I think the Roma is the easiest as the peel comes right off. It’s also the best tomato for making sauces anyway, so that’s my pick.

    For a slicing tomato, that’s up to your personal preference. Our family really likes the Better Boy variety – large tomatoes average almost a pound each, juicy, very sweet and acidic, they hold up well on your windowsill for a few days if needed, good plain or in salads or on sandwiches or burgers, a very good all-around variety.

    For mini tomatoes, we like the sweet 100s – very prolific and sweet, easy to pick by just cutting off a whole branch at a time.

  20. My list for this year is the Roma and Rutger’s for canning, Brandywine and Jubilee for table eating. The Brandywine is an heirloom tomato that is absolutely wonderful! We’re trying the Jubilee (yellow tomato) for the first this year.

    Roma is my go to for canning but I had the chance to get some Rutger seed this year and they’re pretty darn good too! Not too shabby for eating either.

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