How to Grow Tomatoes: Differences Between Bush and Vining

How to Grow Tomatoes: Differences Between Bush and Vining

University of Maine Cooperative Extension vegetable specialist Mark Hutton discusses the differences between bush (determinate) and vining (indeterminate) to…
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Question by James: will my tomato plants still live?
i had 16 tomato plants growing about knee high, i threw a fit after a argument with the ol’lady. i had 2 rows 8 in each row inside of a fence, i went out there and ripped the first row out by the roots and i could only reach the 2nd row by the tops and i pulled off the tops of those, after i calmed back down i tried saving them by replanting the ones with the roots, and i stuck the other 8 in wine bottles hoping they will grow some roots, the ones i pulled out by the roots are still in shock and it has been 2 days now and the ones in wine bottles are not wilted….what is the chance of them making it through and producing tomatoes?
i dont throw stuff out the windows and i also dont drink, and i did already complete a anger management class…..

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Answer by pramila rai
the chance that your tomato plant will live after few days but needs water .

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  1. 9 Secrets you didn’t know before, on How to Grow Great Tomato Plants:
    growtomatoestips. com

  2. Why do you use black plastic?

  3. I like the plastic in the ground ,lots of loose branches, I worry the
    consequence, if you have wind .

  4. Tomato plants are very resilient.
    You can bury a tomato plant, leaving only the top 3- 6 inches of leaves sticking out of the ground and new roots will develop at every section where the buried leaves meet the stem.

    Put them back in the ground and chances are they’ll survive to fruit.
    As the plant grows remove any and All discolored leaves. (Disease)

    Now control your temper and apologize to you “ol’lady”

  5. Do you also toss stuff out the window?

    I wouldn’t worry about the tomatoes, I’d worry about my temper… That kind of tantrum is going to land you in jail.

    Go see someone, take anger management or something… stop drinking and go to rehab or something…

    You have worse problems than whether the plants grow.

    You did this sober?

    After taking an anger management course?

    Call someone, you desperately need more help… Change is hard, figuring how to redirect a negative into a positive is the most important thing you can learn…

  6. Very slim chance of survival. You should’ve applied rooting hormone immediately; too late now. Get a motion controlled gasser for your garden to gas rampaging pests into unconsciousness.

  7. tomato plants are the least of your problems.

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