How To Make A Michelada Beer Cocktail-Drinks Made Easy

How To Make A Michelada Beer Cocktail-Drinks Made Easy

Drinks Made Easy Presents: How to make a Tecate Michelada Beer Cocktail. To make the Michelada Beer Cocktail you need the following ingredients- 1 1/2 oz Tom…
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Question by SimpleAndClean: What do you do when a recipe says peeled tomatoes with juice (puree in a blender)?
I’m making this curry but in the ingredeints it says to put in “peeled tomatoes with juice (puree in a blender)”. What am I supposed to do? What does it mean?

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Answer by Jill J
You can buy cans of tomatoes that are in juice and peeled. Just put the entire can of tomatoes and juice into the blender until it liquifies, and add to your curry.

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  6. you can dip tomatoes in boiling water ,the skin will come off easy then you put it in a blender

  7. Peeled means the skin of the tomatoes have been removed. You want to do this because they will slip off during cooking anyway and are not pleasing to eat or see in your dish. Most canned tomatoes come peeled already.

  8. They are refering to whole tomatoes. strain the juice into the curry and then with your hands squish the tomatoes with your hands into large irregular pieces.

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