How to make a tomato sauce for pasta

How to make a tomato sauce for pasta

It’s simple, takes a while, but tastes delicious.
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Question by awesomee: pasta question!?
Which one of these entrees have the most fat, calories? which one do you think is the best to minimize the intake?

angel hair pasta: fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs

cajun chicken pasta:sauteed with carrots, aucchini, black olives, mushrooms, red onions with olive oil, garlic and cajun spices tossed with linguini pasta

chicken fettuccini carbonara- sauteed chicken breast, broccoli and bacon tossed in a light creamy tomatoe sauce over fettuccini pasta

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Answer by Takfam
Fettucini carbonara, hands down. That creamy sauce is loaded with fats.

The angel hair looks best out of those, but you should look for some nice whole wheat pasta instead. It’s in the same grocery aisle as the regular white flour pastas.

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