How to Make Homemade Tomato Sauce | That’s Fresh with Helen Cavallo | Babble

How to Make Homemade Tomato Sauce | That's Fresh with Helen Cavallo | Babble

How to Make Homemade Tomato Sauce: Chef Helen Cavallo shares her recipe for making fresh homemade tomato sauce from scratch – perfect for your favorite pasta…
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Question by pssh: I have a dress im wearing to my brother’s wedding, It’s Tomato Red, what color’s would match?

Best answer:

Answer by *Jillian Elizabeth*
hey gurl:)

my FAV colors 2 pair with deep or bright red are; Gold and Black…….

if you want 2 be more edgy and trendy…you could wear gold pumps and some gold jewelry….

if you want a Classic, contemporary look then black shoes and accessories are your best bet…

Good Luck:)

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  1. Thanks for watching & cooking!

  2. the recipe says 3 cups of water and in the video it says 2/3 cups of
    water…. which one is it?

  3. if I want to add meat like ground turkey sausage to this sauce, at what
    point would I do that?

  4. She says Roma tomatoes, so she was correct

  5. Do I have to use Red Wine?

  6. How long is fresh sauce good in the fridge for? Does it freeze well?

  7. I made this recipe using 2 cups of water and it was a disaster. It wasn’t
    marinara, it was soup. I watched the video again and noticed Helen said 2/3
    cup of water so I tried it once more and it was excellent. Please update
    the directions to match. This simple error wasted a lot of time.

  8. Yes, I plan on blending because I like smoother sauce. I can’t wait to try
    this! Another question: Do they have to be Roman tomatoes?

  9. Okay…Thanks so much! You can tell I’m not much of a cook, huh? I asked my
    husband last night when he got home from work and he told me the same
    thing…Just enough to coat the pan…Duh, I should’ve known that. But I
    wasn’t sure on the water either, so thanks! I made the cauliflower gratin
    last night and it turned out perfect! I’m gonna make the tomato sauce

  10. fun video, love the presentation, great recipe…made me a fan!!

  11. I want to make this today, but I have 2 questions. It says 2/3 cup water in
    the video, but at the end it says 3 cups, which is it? Also, how much olive
    oil do I use? It doesn’t say and I really need to know. Thanks.

  12. Romano cheese would give this sauce a good kick that it needs imo but than
    again, Romano cheese isn’t for everyone.

  13. Noted. The change has been made in the text. Thanks for the catch!

  14. So I’m making this right now as I’m typing this………. it’s 20 minutes
    into simmering and it is still pretty watered down. The recipe said 3 cups
    of water, but I just watched the video and she says 2/3 cup. I am really
    upset cause I just wasted all that time and effort because the directions
    are printed wrong!

  15. Helen’s tomato sauce can be stored in the fridge for up to a week, and
    frozen for about 5-6 months. Note: This sauce is chunky – if you prefer it
    smoother you can use a blender to do so. Thanks for watching!

  16. 8 plum or 2 roma’s? I’m headed to the store in a few.

  17. yeah nothing. Wine just adds to the taste.

  18. Looks dee-lish but recipe so EASY? Not with 11 ingredients and 15(?) steps.

  19. Being a redhead, my favorite color to wear is tomato red. I pair it with tan, lime green (that really sets of the complimentary color of red), a bright carribean blue or, of course, the predictable black or gold.

    If you can find an accessory, such as a scarf or shrug-type sweater, that incorporates all of these colors…WOW…what a knock-out you would be!

    congrats to your brother! Have fun at the wedding!

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