How to Make Penne w/ Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Basil

How to Make Penne w/ Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Basil

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Question by Shannon: Storing green Tomatoes?
We had our first freeze here in washington last night, so my mother and I went out and picked all the tomatoes. 99% of them ain’t ripe yet. How should be store them? Right now we have boxes of green Tomatoes stacked in the garage. Is there is certain way to store them? and what should we watch for signes of the tomatoes going bad?


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Answer by rebornpheonix
Wrap each one in a piece of newspaper and store in a cool place in a cardboard box. Check them every few days. A few will rot, but most will ripen. My dad and I do this every year and it works.
Fried green tomatoes are good too.

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  9. to be honest you wont get the full flavours from this you should use spices
    or maybe a pasta sauce.. but nice way 😀

  10. Really looks good!!

  11. Looks so ridiculously good, I think I could eat the whole thing, lol. I
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  14. i love the corn added to it. great recipe, im going to try it.

  15. that looks amazing!!! I love pasta dishes that are’nt weighed down with
    sauces!! I cant wait to try this!

  16. @sweetnlovin She’s sure to show you a good, basic recipe. There are so many
    variations to this one! I find her vids very easy to follow. If you try her
    methods once or twice, you will get more confidence and can substitute and
    personalize the dishes even more. My meatloaf secret — powdered milk.
    Really. xo

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  19. good and cheap how can you beat that

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  21. Is it alright to use dried basil?

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  23. Looks like another winner! Once people learn how to make this, they’ll
    realize how pasta tastes great twice-cooked, and how frugal and varied the
    ingredients can be. Sometimes I cook too much, and the leftovers seem to
    keep fine for a day in a covered bowl in the fridge. It’s so easy to reheat
    in a glass baking dish with a little water and a light covering to keep it
    from browing TOO MUCH, and some like it even better when the leftovers are
    baked! Yay!

  24. That would go great with my handmade pasta. Thanks, Mary Ann.

  25. @CuteCatFaith Thanks Lisa! I am happy you like this, I love cooking pasta.
    I read your reply on the meatloaf. Powdered milk sounds like a great tip!
    Hope all is well in Paris!

  26. k

  27. Make pickles! Try this recipe, it’s delicious!

    Green Tomato Chutney

    2lb green tomatoes
    8oz onions, chopped
    8oz cooking apples, peeled cored and chopped
    10fl oz cider vinegar
    4oz sultanas
    1 teaspoon salt
    ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
    ½ teaspoon dry English mustard
    8oz light brown sugar

    The recipe says you skin the tomatoes by blanching them in hot water for 30 seconds. I now know you need longer than that or the pesky skins don’t come off and then run them under the cold tap or the skin comes off your finger tips rather the tomatoes!

    You chop the flesh and put it in a preserving pan with the onions and apples.

    Add about half the vinegar and cook gently until the fruit and vegetables are soft, stirring frequently. (I find stirring is vital, as it makes me feel chef-like and important as well as giving the impression to the casual onlooker that I know what I’m doing).

    Add the remaining vinegar with the sultanas, salt, cayenne pepper, dry mustard and sugar and continue to cook slowly for about 15 minutes until the chutney starts to thicken.

    Pot while still slightly runny, and seal the jars. I’m told it will keep for at least 3 months, but I can’t see our last little pot remaining unconsumed for that long!

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