How-To Make Tomato Juice

How-To Make Tomato Juice

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Question by gabiju97: How do I cut the acidity from a tomato bisque soup?
Last night I made a tomato basil bisque and while the flavor was delicious the acidity was a bit too pungent. The recipe calls for canned crush tomatos and tomatoe juice I also put in whipping cream and added sugar but it didn’t seem to help. Please help as I would like to make this soup for Christmas.

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Answer by madsmaha1
I don’t know why, but they say if you put carrots in it, it will absorb some of the acidity!!

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  1. A couple of tablespoons of sugar helps.

  2. little sugar

  3. When I make tomato bisque I also add some cream cheese.

  4. tomato ketchup is the best – still keeps the tomato flavour but not too sweet

  5. Once the soup is prepared, serve in boel and add a dollup or two of sour cream and a few crutons.

  6. Baking soda will neutralize the acid. But be careful, it doesn’t take much. I’m assuming the total quantity of crushed tomatoes and tomato juice is about 1 quart. Mix the crushed tomatoes and tomato juice, then add 1/8 teaspoon baking soda, stir thoroughly then taste w/ a clean palate. This should be enough, but if it is still too acidic for your taste add another 1/8 teaspoon. Do not add more. Baking soda, in addition to neutralizing the acid also buffers the mixture. This means the total alkalinity is changed as well and you’ll begin to taste the baking soda. If this happens you can add lemon juice a teaspoon at a time to get rid of the baking soda taste. But then you’re defeating the reason for adding the baking soda in the first place – LOL. I use this trick when I make lemon ade out of the fake lemon ades like Country-Time. It reduces the acidity and lets more of the lemon flavor be detectable.

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