How to make Tomato Puree

How to make Tomato Puree

Thanks for watching the video !! Make a cross at the end of the Tomato with a sharp knife. Immerse the Tomatoes in boiling water. When the skin separates fro…
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Question by RaWen: Red salsa with tomatillos?
I am making a red salsa and I have about four tomatillos on hand. All of the recipes I’ve read have only used tomatillos in green salsa – would it be disgusting to add the four tomatillos (after they are roasted) to the rest of the red salsa?

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Answer by Miesplz
It might make the salsa a brownish color but it will taste ok.

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  1. No audio?

  2. @harakerik lol

  3. is it not necessary to put the tomatoes in an ice bath immediately after

  4. @mrrawrlicious yes if u use the inside portion n seeds it will be less of

  5. Thank you! Now I can use all of my tomatoes. : )

  6. i wish there was some sort of explanation on here, like text or audio or
    even something in the description link.

  7. Quite useful, but dear God, while crisscrossing the tomato, watch out. Had
    your knife been sharper, you would be a fingertip lesser. :-)

  8. Don’t cut yourself. That look very dangerous

  9. Cool

  10. I agreee

  11. We are using a sieve to remove the seeds. Tomato juice is that wot we gets
    while cutting the tomato.You have to collect it while cutting . Ya,saute
    the outer portion & juice of the tomato until it thickens .Then blend it in
    mixer until smooth. Thnkx for watching n asking!!! :)

  12. not sure it will be tomato puree then

  13. I have a better method. , put the tomatoes into a ziploc bag and crush it
    to hearts content 😉

  14. @VannersHEARTSMakeup i will accompany :)

  15. @bongojim420 No ..its an old video…i only started recently with audio

  16. @aarossell yes you need to cool them down bath or set aside for some
    seconds,both helps

  17. @homesNgardens08 :)

  18. looks dangerous wont bother with this

  19. @KQilovenailart hi i have copied the description here for you !

  20. thank you I am going to make a tomatoe facial :)

  21. I use them, instead of tomatoes, in green salsa too … but they should be ok in red salsa

  22. I make a red salsa with a small clove of garlic (peeled), some onion (just cut a small chunk off), tomatillos, and a few dry chilies called moras.

    Roast moras with the tomatillos, I usually heat up the griddle and take it outside to roast chilies or you’ll be coughing forever.

    Then all ingredients to blender and salt to taste. You can add some water if it is to thick .

    My Husband loves this

    Buena Suerte y Buen Provecho

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