How To Make Tomato Rice (Thakkali Sadam) By Preetha

How To Make Tomato Rice (Thakkali Sadam) By Preetha

Preetha brings to your plate the south Indian style tangy Tomato Rice. Quick to put together, easy ingredients and very easy to customize. All you need to pr…
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Question by Felicity B: how do i pollenate tomatos in a green house?
does anyone know how to maually/or other way pollenate tomato plants in a green house?

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Answer by renpen
You can use an artist’s paint brush. Just go from one flower to another.

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  1. tomato rice is looking mmm……..preetha,and green looks good on u,looking
    very nice.wonderful receipe.

  2. Pls show us sambar rice also,pls pls pls…..

  3. Preetha, would you be able to show me how to make ada pradhaman. I am in US
    right now, so am not sure how to make the ada without banana leaves, this
    would be a great favor. thanks

  4. Hi Preetha,what does Ponnanganni keratin means in English ?

  5. Ponnanganni keerai means?

  6. Hi Preetha,thanks a bunch for showing this recipe.i m one of the viewers
    who requested for it.pls also show Ashoka halwa recipe.

  7. I toured a local tomato greenhouse and they had bees in the greenhouse for pollenation.

  8. In the garden, tomato flowers are wind pollinated, but in the greenhouse, it’s usually done mehanically or sometimes by maintaining a hive of specially bred bees.
    “Tomato flowers can only release their pollen if they are “shaken” like a salt cellar, and the domestic bee is unable to do this. In greenhouses, tomato production has for many years depended on human intervention to shake the flowers manually or automatically using electric vibrators. At the end of the 1980s, the first colonies of commercially bred bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) were introduced into Belgian greenhouses, and they are now widely used in tomato greenhouses throughout France.”

    In the greenhouse, pollination is accomplished by electric vibrators (battery or 110 volt), electric toothbrushes, mist blowers, or, when their above 2 ft, striking the overhead wires with a broom handle while walking down the rows or automatic systems which shake the overhead wires either longitudinally or across the wires.

    Mechanical pollination entails shaking or vibrating each flower cluster at least every two days when humidity and temperature conditions are best. Generally, midday and early afternoon during sunny conditions when humidity is about 70% is best.Greenhouse temperatures should be kept above 65° F (15° C) at night and below 85° F (29° C) during the day:
    Good luck! Hope this helps.

  9. Shake the plants every time you go in the green house. This will cause the pollen to falll loose the pollinate the blossoms. Also, ther is a product called Blossom Set which you can spray on the tomato flowers. I have good luck just shaking the plants.

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