How to make your own homemade tomato sauce

How to make your own homemade tomato sauce

Giuliana demonstrates how to make a fantastic and simple Italian tomato pasta sauce using san marzano tomatoes. She also explains the great qualities of san …
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Question by Monkey Queen: I need a good, fast pasta recipie using fresh vegetables?
Do you have a good hot pasta recipie using tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh seasonal veggies…want something light and easy, but NOT a cold pasta salad.

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Answer by cosmosclara
Visit,,, — any food manufacturer, with a .com after it — & do a search of Pastas, salads… Put main ingredient(s) in the search box, and it should pull up recipes like you want.

I’ll edit if I can find a few of my own to share. :)

Duh, Why didn’t I think of this before? Try Pasta Manufacturers (name and put a .com after it). They should have TONS of what you want!!

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  1. I had onions, garlic, and green finger peppers!

  2. Very informative, excellent video! Thank you very much!

  3. fancy tomatos for a simple dish…

  4. this video was not compele. where is the rest of it

  5. watch “jamie oliver at home” that will inspire you for real, this is not
    really cooking, this is just heating ingredents.

  6. oh my gawd, give me a KISS!!

  7. Yeah but where’s the fun in making your own sauce 😀 specially if you’re
    growing your own tomatoes~

  8. i luv this video i luv the fact dat u informed me of how to buy proper
    ingredients to have a very flavorful sauce….meal thanks i learned a lot.

  9. Looks excellent…especially when you know you don’t have the time to cook
    raw whole tomatoes. I love the Batutto, I’m trying that next time.

  10. @19931512 @19931512 and you my friend seem like a nasty bland person, no
    wonder you cant tell the difference…. maybe in “Italy” they only sell you
    one tomato?

  11. @slicksta00 He is an idiot. Being born in italy does not validate your
    cooking expertise. I grew up in Naples, Italy and i learned how to cook
    from my neighbor who owned a restaurant in the neighborhood and I will say
    that San Marzanos have a much meatier flesh and a more concentrated flavor
    than the bland canned romas. I totally agree with your statement!

  12. Lol wow, some people get angry. I think the video was very helpful because
    I’ve just started cooking. So, thank you.

  13. a good video, BUT a little….ok way too much advertising for what most
    people are looking for when searching for homemade sauces

  14. Thanks for this video! I found it doing a search for San Marzano tomatoes
    that I’m growing in my garden for the first time this year… Can’t wait to
    try to make my own sauce!

  15. why don’t you make a video then if you think this one is so bad?

  16. with Ur conception being on top of the list…

  17. I think its a valid concern that people who can’t cook should probably not
    “teach” people how to cook.

  18. Actually you can just get Aurora jared-glass tomato sauce all it is is
    natural tomatos!

  19. @19931512 im a year late but yea i dont see a difference in tomatoes other
    then when there is a difference in age. but thats it. there all the same to
    me lol. but anyway i came here to learn how to make the sauce cause im
    planning on making a home made pizza completely from scratch. :3

  20. She is definitely marketing the product.

    MARKETING THE PRODUCT INSTEAD.! can foods are known to leak chemicals!

  22. i can picture gordon ramsay saying this doesnt taste fresh was this from a
    can. lol nah love the vid

  23. she ruined good tomatoes

  24. Your Really Pretty Wifey Material!

  25. even for cooks how have good experiences in cooking this vid is helpful!

  26. Make a vegetarian lasagna. I don’t have an exact recipie just wing it and put in whatever you like. I suggest eggplant but you should fry it first.

  27. 1/4 cup olive oil
    3 diced tomato
    2 diced onion
    1 diced pepper
    fresh basil
    fresh orangeno
    3 cloves garlic chopped up
    in a hot pan of oil add onion garlic peppers and let cook for 1 min add tomatos and basil and orangeno mix with pasta of your choice salt pepper to your taste

  28. I always just throw things together like this. I love to cook. Well I just make any kind of pasta, angel hair is the best for thing kind of thing, but egg noodles work too. I just saute’ the vegetables I choose in light olive oil, or light butter. (if you use oil, only like a whole cap full, no more than that or the dish will be greasy.) butter, a small teaspoon should do it. The vegetables I normally saute’ are: celery, carrots, onion, (red, or white), and sometimes if we have it I use fresh garlic, and broccoli.If you use butter to saute the vegetables, don’t butter the pasta. That’s way too much butter, if you’re trying to go light. When using tomatoes don’t saute them, just put them in fresh, but crisp fresh, not all mushy, because it would ruin the dish, and that’s gross. Seasoning the vegetables with salt, pepper, and sometimes a little bit of oregano, or basil adds flavor to it. When I boil the pasta, I usually add a teaspoon of olive oil, and some oregano to add the flavor to the pasta too. You can just throw things like this together without a recipe. I do it all the time. Well I hope I have been of some help, any more questions, you can contact me.

  29. Visit every and anything is there.

  30. 1 lb. pasta
    1/4 cup teriyaki sauce
    1/4 cup Italian Dressing
    pinch ground ginger
    Beef,cut into strips
    2 cups raw broccili florets
    2 cups carrots

    Cook pasta in salted boiling water.In last 2 min. of cooking time add the vegetables.
    Meanwhile brown beef in vegatable oil.Add teriyaki sauce,dressing and ginger.
    Drain pasta and veggies.Add to meat and sauce.Toss and serve


  31. How about Pasta Primivera?

    Cook your pasta (I use linguine). Butter with seasoned butter
    Saute your cup up veggies(use any combination) in butter
    Serve the veggies over the pasta.


  32. Meat & Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese
    My Kids love this as I always add different veggies, depending on what i have available
    200 g minced beef (ground beef)
    1 medium onion, chopped
    carrots, chopped
    celery, chopped
    baby corn, chopped
    mushrooms, chopped
    3 garlic cloves, crushed
    120 g tomato paste
    3 tablespoons flour
    5 tablespoons butter
    1.Melt the butter.
    2.Add the onions let them soak for a while.
    3.Add the garlic, carrots, celery & mushrooms.
    4.gently stir for a few minutes.
    5.Add the meat and stir constantly till meat is cooked.
    6.Add the tomato paste, flour and baby corn.
    7.season it.
    8.add water till it covers the mixture.
    9.put on low and let it simmer

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