How to makes tomato pasta??

How to makes tomato pasta??

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Question by ♥: Does this shrimp, pasta, feta cheese, and tomato recipe sound good?
Its basically a blend of olive oil, minced garlic, white wine, shrimp, tomato and feta cheese.

Does this sound ok??
with bowtie pasta! :)

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Answer by Vanessa
sounds good – but I’d add alittle basil too! 😉

and maybe change the bowtie pasta to penne and add a touch of red paper flakes

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  1. sounds yummy! seconding the basil :)

  2. Sound pretty good, served cold or hot? I think cold would be awesome!

  3. Sounds pretty good to me! 😀

  4. Not to me–I don’t care for feta

  5. Sounds fabulous to me. I may add a bit of butter in exchange for some of the EVOO for flavor. And if you have a fresh lemon, grate some of the zest (rind) into the dish as well. Mmmm!

  6. Yes it does!! can you give the whole recipe please?? I want it!!

  7. It sounds yummy to me. I love all of those ingredients and often use them together. Even with the bowtie pasta. Enjoy!

  8. Sounds good to me……

  9. YUM!

  10. It sounds great. It sounds kind of Greek so I might add a little oregano to it to bring home the flavors. I also might reserve some of the pasta water just in case it’s a little dry. That happens sometimes and adding more olive oil or butter is just going to make it greasy.

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