how to save heirloom tomato seeds for planting next year

how to save heirloom tomato seeds for planting next year

Click Here For Tips: how to save heirloom tomato seeds for planting next year When you begin planting n…
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Question by squidy: Seattle: when to get a tomato plant?
I don’t want to start my tomatoes from seed because I don’t have a bright place indoors, so I think I’ll get a full-grown plant faster if I buy one that’s been properly started in a greenhouse. But when would be the optimal time to buy one? It’s still a bit chilly here, but I don’t want to put it off too long.
I live near Garfield High School. (Just FYI since the zones are different in different parts of Seattle.)

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Answer by Richard
I have grown tomatoes for years albeit in the UK. I have just now started the seeds and expect them to be large enough (say around 8 inches tall) by the end of May. Then I will plant them outside in my glasshouse ( much better than in the open air unless you have really sunny sheltered spot) and expect to have the first ripe fruit around the end of July. Incidently, it is good to give the plants a liquid feed once a week directly the first small green fruits begin to appear and take care to choose a nice sweet variety rather than the first plant you see in the store.

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  1. Go to a garden center and ask them. But in general, a soil temperature of 60 degrees F is the earliest you can plant a tomato. You can plant earlier but it will just sit there doing not much of anything.

  2. May 1st is usually safely past the last frost, but watch the weather forcast and if you see night temperatures predicted to fall into the 40s, cover the plants with clear plastic overnight. I usually put a tomato cage around mine when I plant them so it makes it easy to cover them with the plastic. Another tip is to watch the variety you plant – Early Girl and some of the others that have a shorter growing season of 50-60 days will give you a larger yield of tomatoes in cool Seattle summers than “beefsteak” types that take about 80 days or longer to mature.

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