How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : How to Prune a Tomato Plant

How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : How to Prune a Tomato Plant

Learn how to prune tomato plants in your garden in this free video on low maintenance gardening. Expert: Doug Smiddy Bio: Doug Smiddy has had an active inter…
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  2. i have several tomato plants in the garden, but before i do this.. i need
    to know if plants feel pain?

  3. thank you

  4. is this guy on catnip?

  5. he way over did it he doesn’t know what he is talking about completley just
    prune when you feel that branch isn’t devoleping anything most of them are
    at the bottom

  6. i just had a deer prune mine :(

  7. Pavinatar, that’s 100% wrong. He should prune off the suckers & growth
    beyond the tomatoes ONLY. The leaves are used in tandem with the roots by
    the plant (botany 101) to keep the plant alive so that the plant can
    support the ripening fruit. Tomatoes ripened on a vine without leaves are
    exactly the same as ripening them off the vine in a sunny window. Once the
    leaves are removed, the plant is dying and not contributing to the fruit at

  8. I recommend you prune the branches so it directs most the nutrients to the
    fruit…but make sure you dont remove all of the leaves. leave a few so it
    can produce photosynthesis and the nutrients you need. 😀

  9. Thanks uncle sam, I really apriciate your tip on this video.

  10. The energy comes from the leaves. WTF???

  11. i did that with my tomato plants, that just started to have flowers, no
    fruits yet, i cut all the one have no flower(s), and my tomato plants die,
    all 3 of them. what did i do wrong?

  12. hahaha

  13. @Praxxus55712 I figured something was off about it, thanks

  14. haha double timeto tylertuler82

  15. Is that you Confusious? That was a funny one. Heres another, man who seeks
    forbidden fruits make terrible jams.

  16. oh no. WHY did I listen to this guy. I should have gone through the
    comments. Im a beginner, I hope they live.. He should have given more

  17. the technique may ne be good you should hack it all away but the tomatoes
    on the plant looked great.. my tomatoes epically faile d this year all my
    tomatoes were getting scratches on them

  18. You make more sense than the guy in the video. Leaves produces sugars from
    photosynthesis while fruits store the product of the photosynthesis. Less
    fruits = bigger tomatoes.

  19. also you might want to remove a few of the flowers that may be growing at
    the top, since they have a small chance they can get enough nutrients for
    them to develop.

  20. That needs a longer answer. Young fruit trees often have their fruit
    removed so the tree can spend energy on growth for more and better fruit
    years later. Tomatoes are usually grown as anual plants though they are
    technically peranuals. This means it’s going to try and invest a lot of
    energy in branches for next year while you are planning on taking its fruit
    and putting the plant in the compost bin. So you don’t need to limit the
    amount of ripe tomatoes but to eat some green ones can’t hurt.

  21. dont prune it ALL away, just alot of it. the plant need leaves for
    photosynthesis, and food.

  22. It is funny as hell to read all these comments…people get sooo worked up
    over trivial shit..he’s doing this to to achieve better fruit not to
    achieve production..he mentions this more than once. It also make me laugh
    when all the “experts” say how this guy is wrong and then every so often in
    the comments you see this person or that person tried it and say “guess
    what …IT WORKS” !

  23. Yeah I agree with Praxxus, the leaves are needed for photo synthesis and
    they help shade the tomatoes and protect them from sunburn. You can trim
    the leaves back if the plants gets kind of bushy, but it’s a bad idea to
    hack them off like that.

  24. Was this done as a joke? That was the most retarded gardening advice i have
    ever seen.

  25. Tomatoes love to set roots from their stems. It would work.

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