How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors in Winter for Spring Planting!

How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors in Winter for Spring Planting!

Serious Gardener and Chef show you how to start your own seeds at home allowing you to grow a greater diversity of vegetables! Start with the right pots, soi…
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Question by bubbles11: Is there any way to save my tomato plants?
I spray my tomatoe plants with poision and the tops of the tomatoe plants are wilting up..and dieing is there any way i can save my tomato plants?

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Answer by Nickleback
No. The tomato is a very tender plant at this time of the year. Also, depending on what you sprayed on them, the chemical might transfer to the tomato itself and be harmful to humans. Best to buy new plants.

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  1. question, do i need a growing light? or can i just put a light of any kind
    over it

  2. can I do this with weed seeds ?

  3. I really enjoyed your video! It had very good basic techniques and tips to
    start my own little indoor operation. If I may without sounding like I’m
    coming down on you give you a tip for next time? The amount of filler words
    like uhh, umm, etc… distract from the presentation.
    Something I’ve done myself to overcome that hurdle with presenting is to
    watch myself and count how many times I use fillers. If it’s more than once
    or twice a minute it means I needed to do more preparation. I realize
    Youtube isn’t a professional canvas, but I thought it might help your
    presentation =). You have a good message, be proud and confident in your

  4. Very nice! I have to keep my tropical moruga seeds and refined fire chili
    seeds very warm even though it is winter in Victoria, TX now the soil must
    be 95-100 F to germinate best. Then 76-87 soil temp after sprout I think

  5. Hi..good vid! What camera are u running?

  6. Thanks for your expertise fella. 

  7. How long do you use the heating mat? I’m starting my seeds indoors today
    thanks to your video! 

  8. Seriously, I adore this informative presentation. I believe it is the best
    start to grow healthy vegetables in your garden. This can be accomplished
    through this seedlings method. I found its details perfectly good.

  9. Awesome, ready to go only about 6week until my seedling grow

  10. Mmm, Cherokee Purple. My favorite! 

  11. Yeah.. congrats on starting. I am hoping to learn more about seed starting
    for my little garden next year. I know you already watered but I saw one
    video where a person left one cell per tray unfilled.Then he filled that
    one cell with water so the soil would get moist from the bottom. Wow.. you
    have alot of tasty veggies started. Can’t wait!

  12. Terrific video! thanks!

  13. when do you take the domes off?

  14. Did you put any sort of insulation between the seed heating mat and your

  15. Remove dome when seedlings sprout or will cause “damping off”

  16. Thanks for watching, be careful you don’t want your trays waterlogged

  17. That looks like a great potting mix. Looks alot better than most of the
    potting mixes that I’ve seen! I’m interested to see the results. I’ve

  18. it is not expensive with such a large lamp??

  19. what months r u planting indoor?

  20. What size is your heating pad? Do you mind tell me where you got it and the
    lamp. Thnaks

  21. Garlic video is here… /watch?v=M1R-RQkzyuc

  22. Great vid. Keep us updated as to how the 14 hrs of light works for you. I
    have used 24 hrs of light with success for years and am wondering if there
    is a difference to the light schedule.

  23. Thanks for watching!!

  24. do i have to use a grow light? can i use a regular light?

  25. My idea is to mimic nature as closely as possible; the sun is not always
    “on” Thanks for watching!

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