How to stop blight in Organic Tomatoes

How to stop blight in Organic Tomatoes

This organic tomato crop was doing great until it started bearing tomatoes at about 60 days, using only compost tea from composted manure. Then blight hit an…
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  2. Interesting. I agree that it is best to prevent problems before they occur.
    I get your point about needing more feeding. I thought if I put organic
    fertilizer they would be okay but I hear from your video that tomatoes need
    a lot more food than what I have been giving them.

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    of people. :)

  6. Seriously – where are you jackasses coming from? This video was quite
    helpful to me.

  7. my GOD!!!! have you been talking long?????

  8. The info is great. It helps confirm my idea that using sea minerals will
    help keep me from having the problem I had this year, and help preserve my
    heirloom lines. It’s the minerals. Healthy plants are, like humans, are
    less likely to have disease, if they are given the proper nutrition.

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