How To: Tomato And Red Pepper Sauce

How To: Tomato And Red Pepper Sauce

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Question by : how to make italian sauce with red pesto and tomato puree?
right,im no gordon ramsay but i have a 4 year old hes not fat hes average weight but im sick off the wife buying frozen crap and putting it with pasta,so heres my idea-italian chicken,i have got 1x jar of red pesto – 3x tomato purre – 6x chicken fillets – some garlic and some seasoned wedges to go with it,so i oven cook the chicken then pour the sauce over the chicken then sprinkle some cheese over it,heres the fun bit, how do i make the sauce?how much pesto and garlic do i put in with 3 tubes of tomato purre? any help appreciated

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Answer by Mike
Find a recipe.

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  1. First of all go to the market and buy the below ingredients. this makes alot and you can freeze it.
    In a pot put
    *hot crushed pepper,
    *lots of garlic,
    2 chopped onions,
    3 bay leaves,
    6 links hot Italian sausage sliced into rounds, brown the sausage,with all the seasonings, maybe 20 minutes or so!
    * = all to taste

    Add 4 large (28ozs.)cans of crushed tomatoes, 4 large cans of tomato sauce, 1 large can of tomato paste,10 ozs sliced mushrooms
    add 4 to 6 chicken breasts and 4 to 6 thick pork cutlets
    Simmer the sauce for about 3 to 4 hours
    put into containers and freeze.

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