How-to Video Cheesy Tomato Pasta Pt 1

How-to Video Cheesy Tomato Pasta Pt 1

This part 1 of a very simple pasta that my family makes. It can be made as a side dish or a main dish:) I didn’t know how to pause and continue so I ended up…
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Question by Karen K: Dear Pastafarians & Spagnostics? What is your favorite kind of pasta?
According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 350 different shapes of pasta!

Mine fave is Penne! (with chicken and sundried tomatos!)

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Answer by Colagum
WHAT!? You monster? How can you eat The FSM greatest creations?

I like linguini , or spaghetti when I need some energy.

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  1. Cappellini or Rigatoncini. I like tomato based sauces on my ~divine pasta~.

  2. Spaghetti most closely resembles his noodly appendages.

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