Hydroponic Greenhouse Project; NFT Pepper problem! and tomatoes over flow the tube

Hydroponic Greenhouse Project; NFT Pepper problem! and tomatoes over flow the tube

I just discovered one of my pepper plants just went into fail mode for no apparent reason. I checked it out a little further and found odd brown patches that…
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Question by Shunny: What do baby tomatoes look/taste like?
(not cherry tomatoes)

Best answer:

Answer by Jim
If they are green tomatoes, which baby tomatoes are, they have a much firmer texture (yes, texture is a quality which affects your flavor perception). They are generally more sour since the natural acids have not had time to develop yet into sugars. Tomatoes are fruits, so they undergo transformation in flavor from acidic to sweet as they ripen and develop their normal flavor. Green tomatoes also have a unique tomatoey flavor that smells like the plant does….you will just have to see what i mean, as if you took a leaf from the plant itself and broke it with your finger and smelled it – a strong, green tomato smell. The ripened tomato looses this unique green character.

Baby tomatoes look like the big ones, just little minatures.

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. Eh Thank you my friend You are very kind :) Brock

  2. Bobby all I can say is Amen!, I think Eric pegged it for sure. I’ve removed
    the plant completely. Boy the peppers are good though lol. I’m in complete
    agreement with you on the NFT some plants just don’t thrive. The dutch
    buckets seem to be perfect for tomatoes and I’ll try peppers next year.
    I’ll maybe use the NFT for bok choy? Bobby I sure do appreciate your input
    I learn a lot from you and this has been an amazing year of learning for
    me. are you thinking expanding your hydo area next year?

  3. Pretty nice harvest for a failed plant… Subbed for more!

  4. What do you video with? Very clear videos. Also subscribed. I wish I had a
    greenhouse like that.

  5. Hey Brock I did a root check on my tomato plant outside and I too have a
    massive root ball slowing down my water flow. 3 tomato plants in 25 feet of
    4in and its full and slowing the water flow also. I raised one end about
    4in or so more with a 2×4 and it started to drain better. It was only ment
    for strawberries at first.We need to hook up with Bobby and get some
    buckets. I’m going to the donut shop to see what they got. Maby they can
    save me some. Keep up the hard work its so worth it. MMM BEER

  6. Hmmm yes and no :) I think what it had was Edema brought about to much
    humidity in my rom and over watering wile I had diminished air movement. as
    soon as I brought it to the greenhouse it took off and is growing amazing
    peppers. Some grew to over a foot long and beautiful! they grow the most
    amazing sweet peppers. Danny if you buck up on the water and give them some
    good air flow they should get it together. the new leaves will just come in
    like normal and the seem to take off! don’t give up :)

  7. Just subbed you , Rick sent me over

  8. I’m just starting to build an indoor garden myself. It’s just getting way
    to gold in the greenhouse now too. it’s not freezing or anything but
    everything just sort of stops. I’m kind of undecided how to set up in the
    house but I’m just going for it and we’ll see what happens. eh even if you
    just set up some fluorescent lights you could have some awesome plants in
    side. I know what you mean by not knowing where to start! This morning I
    emptied the room totally so I’m just going down and starting!

  9. yeah Bro I’ve had trouble with the roots over growing the tubes since they
    began. they love the environment but the tubes are just to small so I have
    to find the square tubing for next year. Home Depot said they could order
    it for me so I’ll have them do that. and yes I hope I caught the pepper
    problem before is spreads but I got to tell they taste excellent! I did do
    a bug check but found they were clean in fact very clean. Hmmm either way
    I’ll stay at it. next year will be along. peace Brock

  10. And I forgot to mention… yes, even on a cloudy day, a fella gets thirsty !

  11. Phytophthora!! AAAHHHHH Root and Crown Rot. Sounds like the symptoms fit
    your video description pretty well. I’m not a master gardner but your water
    levels just went up due to massive root mass and you got a woody pepper
    plant there. look it up on google the P word ya. Okay i’m done brother u
    got me sweating over here looking through books lol. Now my pepper starts
    are going in 5 gals after a few weeks. Sometimes we learn the hard way.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  12. Yikes I thought you had me with the sterility issue and maybe it was me who
    gave it to them but I think that’s the nail on the head Phytophthora.
    THAT’S IT Eric! I just did some reading and YES! lol But I honestly have to
    tell you that I genuinely appreciate all the sweating and amazing detective
    work you put in for me and I’d say case closed. seems like I got bounced
    around this year with powdery mildew and this phytophthora. But eh I feel
    successful over all and thanks to y’all’s efforts Brock

  13. did you ever find out what happen to the pepper plant ?i started having
    this problin 2 years ago ,. out side. it was only in my tomatoes . this
    year 2 tomatoes and 1 pepper so far please let me know ?? ty danny

  14. I had the same prob with my hundred sweet tomatoes and I found out its
    called wilt disease

  15. I am really wanting to turn my sun room into a greenhouse…but I don’t
    know where to start. I grew the typical basil and parsley, and rosemary on
    the shelves during Spring and Summer, but now winter is coming and I want
    to keep growing…

  16. I’m sorry to hear that Eric man that’s the exact same scenario is me. after
    the 2×4 remedy I finally went to actually restricting the flow, then the
    roots starve for oxygen and they get funky. I agree with you guys Buckets
    for the big root builders! Buckets are getting scarce at work now. folks
    have asked me for tips lol. bucket competition! I may go to 10 gal bleach
    buckets. I love this stuff I couldn’t stop. you had to go and mention beer
    eh Bro. just bottled yesterday. Brock

  17. That sucks Dam roots. Vinyle fence post next year ya. As far as the pepper
    plant I’d look into the stems and roots see if you can find some type of
    other pest in the plant. Magnifying glass might help. Hopefully you caught
    it before it gets to the others. Did u think the filter mod u did has
    anything to do to with it. Or the plant is just done with its life cycle.
    Enjoy the peppers. Peace

  18. amazing tidy productive greenhouse man love the vids. keep it up :)

  19. I think you hit the nail on the head girl. it’s been going around 😉

  20. I think Eric is right, the P word. I would remove every part of that plant
    ASAP. The spores can spread rapidly and infect the other plants, if they
    haven’t already done so. On the NFT, I think peppers and tomatoes just do
    better with more room for root growth. Folks do them in NFT’s with success,
    but it’s not for me. I’m keeping the small spaces for lettuce and greens.
    And the big plants go in the Dutch setup. It was a nice plant though,
    produced a lot of good peppers. Good luck bro.

  21. Woaw Bro, I did cut the lower leaves and I cut them shorter than I would
    normally to just get rid of leaves that looked like they were on the way
    out and drying. that is an excellent thought and you know I always use the
    same old shears that are in the greenhouse. maybe I’ll dip them in hydrogen
    peroxide from now on. Could be I’m getting lax. this really making sense to
    me. Excellent suggestion and thank you! I think I need to be more careful
    with keeping things clean. thanks again Bro! -Brock-

  22. Also what variety of pepper?

  23. After watching it 3 times did u cut the plant leafs with scisors that
    werent steril. That seems to be a big deal with thease systems. Since they
    do not have the ability to fight off disease as well as soil bound plants.
    Just a thought.

  24. I think your plant is suffering from “pepper envy”, lol.

  25. My camera is just a little Sony HD Handy Cam it’s a lot of fun. as far as a
    greenhouse like mine it was super easy to build Bro give it a shot. The
    whole thing has been a learning experience for me and Really rewarding on
    all counts. Enjoy! and thanks for subscribing.

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