Indoor seed starting update 2 weeks after planting seeds – 14 days later – growing plants

Indoor seed starting update 2 weeks after planting seeds - 14 days later - growing plants

Indoor seed starting update: 2 weeks later So we are 2 weeks out from planting our seeds and will soon transfer these seedlings into the larger raised garden…
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Question by trssho1991: Tomato Plant lifespan?
I have been growing tomato plants indoors for 3 years now (new plant every year). I noticed this year that the top of the plant started to die back as usual, however i noticed alot of new growth starting at the bottom of the plant. I live in PA so days get pretty short over the winter. How long do you guys think this plant will live if i keep it well maintained? THANKS

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Answer by Dave C
I have a pepper plant (habanero) that’s inside by a window. It’s stayed green and produced a few pepper for the past 2 years.

Tomatoes are perennials which mean they can keep growing without dying so it sounds like your plant is nice and comfortable.

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  1. @chandnee isn’t that how the grow trays work as well? I thought this was
    how you kept the seeds moist and in a sort of rain forest type environment,

  2. damn americans love tomatoes, AND SO DO I ! :)

  3. @Tunnelfish Yeah same here actually. For some reason I picked these up when
    I thought I was grabbing for the tomatillos. I figured wtf ya know, I’ll
    try and grow them and find a way to eat them later :) Thanks for the

  4. All green plants have chlorophyll and in order to make food for the plant
    they have to undergo a chemical reaction called photosynthesis which needs
    carbondioxide in day light time and generate oxygen and in night they make
    food with whatever they have absorbed in leaves during day, and generate
    carbondioxide. closed and himid environment promoted fungus and moulds.

  5. Most of my cat nip seed have sprouted; bu a few of them seem to be
    withering, there very small and fragile. Any tips?

  6. @WishingBones How could you not, lol :)

  7. I like how you just use stuff around the house to plant in. Use what you
    got and it’s funny.

  8. Hey you shouldn’t wrap the plant in plastic bag, they need to breathe.

  9. @WallsBeeMan it could be your lighting if you ar growing inside, could be
    you need to give them some food could be you need to pot them up into
    larger pots and it could be all or none of the above :) That’s the fun of
    gardening…try one or two of the above and see if you get some changes.
    Try planting a few different trays and try different methods with each,
    you’ll get the hang of it :)

  10. It’s most likely because they aren’t receiving the enough sufficient
    sunlight. Therefore they are reaching for the light looking for it, which
    is extremely essential for them in order for the plants to not come out
    leggy and dying out on you.

  11. @chandnee you’ll be happy to know these plants all made it into the garden
    last season and did great. The plastic bag helps to act like a green house
    and keep it moist. If you open things up once in a while they do fine and
    you don’t have it like that for long either..depends on many things but
    temp is a big one.

  12. @ArizonaAdventures Thank you for taking time to write. Tim Sr.

  13. @ArizonaAdventures I’ve done the all important drainage routine and was
    having to water at least twice a day and it still wasn’t enough. Living on
    a windy island dries out everything fast. I have had to go against
    conventional thinking in my garden in more ways than I could share in this
    comment. I talked to a nursery man who successfully grows tomatoes right in
    the potting soil bag after poking a hole in it. No air holes or drainage. I
    use about 2 gal water a week now and plants seem happy.

  14. @30dogsdown well thanks :) It’s fun, and funny at times I suppose, to find
    new uses for products of items that would otherwise be thron away. Thanks
    for watching!

  15. Early growth is easy to get because they have to germinate in moist soil
    but for later growth of sun plants, you have to provide with air and
    sunlight. I was just pointing to the small plant put in a plastic sandwich
    bag , it’s gonna suffocate :(

  16. Are they a bit leggy

  17. I had a stray seedling tomato come up in my green house. It last 3 years, with pruning and spidermite control. By the thrid year it no longer produced well and I ripped it out..

  18. If you want to root some of those side shoots, you could probably get tomatoes all year long if you have a sunny place for the plant. Other than that, it’s pretty much like any other plant; it will live indefinitely as long as you keep rooting cuttings and taking care of it.

  19. There are two types of tomato varieties, determinate varieties, and indeterminate varieties. The determinate varieties are annuals, that is they grow, produce fruit and then die. Indeterminate types keep growing pretty much indefinitely. You would have to look up the tomato variety you are growing to find out which it is. Having said that, why not try to keep your plant going? Nothing ventured, nothing gained :) .

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