Jaguars Planting Video

Jaguars Planting Video

description hi people so jaguar is growing her own veggies I tried a tomato that was like the best tomato I have ever tasted and my friend she tried a potato…
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Question by squarefeet500: Can I grow a tomato plant in a pot?
I have seedlings started indoors for some lovely tomato plants, and not enough ground space for all of them outdoors. Do tomato plants ever thrive in a pot (with appropriate tomato cages)?
Great! Where can I find suggestions for soil optimized for pot planting?

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Answer by almo
yes, my mom had one this summer.It had tomatoes.

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  9. Yes…just be sure they get watered, fed and de-bugged.
    ( I grew some beautiful tomatoes in one of those BIG plastic (clay look alike) pots here in FL one summer…)

  10. a large pot would work with good soil mixture—can grow tomato plants in a bale of hay up off the ground

  11. no…pots are the tomatoes worst enemy

  12. yes,but they will eventually outgrow their precious little home.
    They are not like Bansai trees,where they can be pruned /trained to be small. Then,you may have to part with your plant babies.

  13. Yes, if the pot is deep enough to let the roots grow well.

  14. my dad has enjoyed growing tomatoes in pots for years. get into some good garden websites and download minimal needs for pot and dirt. the major need it fertilizer. due to the restrictions and watering the good stuff is used up in the soil pretty fast.

  15. Yes! my dad does this all the time. give them water and plenty of sunshine and a big enough pot. be sure you keep them tied to a stake so they will grow up and fast.

  16. you can grow a small tomatoe plant, but they do need to go outside eventually. theyll get too big to be in your house unless you actually have enough space inside. you will need to get a bigger pot when they outgrow the smaller one though if you want them to live and grow big tomatoes.

  17. Yes, the best ones are the small tomatos but if they get sun and warm temp they’ll do ok. Not great but ok.

  18. yes. yes u can

  19. Yes you can.

  20. yes you can, you will need to stake it when it gets larger so that it wont fall over

    miracle grow potting soil is fine, scotts also is good (you can find either at wal-mart or lowes or home depot or your local plant nursery will have some)

  21. You will need to provide a minimum of a 5 gal. container for a full sized tomato plant. Bigger would be better. 7-10. They need to be out doors for best production. At least 5 hours of strong sun each day. 8 is better.
    If you don’t have enough ground space, do you really need more plants, or are you just reluctant to chuck them or give them away? Many of the retirement or assisted living homes in your area may be glad to have your extra seedlings. Some of those old folks may even have a tip or two for you if you take the time.

  22. yes of course, I’ve had a regular tomato plant in a rather large pot, and a cherry tomato in a regular hanging basket.. If you go with the large pot I would make sure to put some gravel in the bottom (to help drainage, and for the weight – if you ever plan on moving the pot without breaking your back). You can get a potting mix anywhere with bags of soil… You don’t want topsoil- something with a potting mix.. you may do some research to see what nutrients tomatos need more and get the mix that will contribute the most.. the numbers on the bags are in hte order of N-P-K ( nitrogen- phophorus – and potassium) if tomatos need more P then get a bag with a higher number in the P – the numbers are the ratio of that element with the soil…
    hope that helps

  23. I would plant them in just regular old garden type soil, that’s the sort of soil they naturally love to grow in so why change it?. I would add a couple of inches of gravel in the bottom of the pot also.

  24. Yes. You can also take remove suckers and dip into root hormone and then put in a small pot or even an eggshell with starting soil to produce additional plants.

  25. Yes, make sure the pot has proper drainage and use a decent soil. Miracle Gro makes a soil specifically for container plantings. You could also plant onion set is with the tomatoes. I do this every year to sell at our Garden Center we own. Plant the tomato in the center of the pot and place the onion sets around the outer edge of the pot. You have an instant garden.

  26. Yes,I have had one in a pot all this growing season and was fine.I did not have cage of it though.

  27. Hello,
    Take a look over here if you desire:

    All the answers so far are “right on”, and be sure to “bookmark” any good sites you find.

    For the soil-mix, I like to use Fafard, that’s is what a large garden center/greenhouse in Rockford, IL, uses for all their plants, flowers, and vegetables, hanging baskets.
    This soil mix does not contain any fertilizers, so you will be able to add your own.
    I found most of the mixes available are pre-fertilized making it difficult to perfect your own results.
    Fafard gives excellent drainage, and should be available at many smaller/ private garden centers.

    Have Fun, Enjoy The Next Crop,

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