Katie’s Allotment – May 2014 – Peas, Roses and Tomatoes

Katie's Allotment - May 2014 - Peas, Roses and Tomatoes

There is a long list of things to do on plot 15C and the first job is to make some supports for my peas. I will also be planting my new birthday rose bush, p…
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  1. Excellent update Katie. It’s obvious that you are very excited about the
    allotment and everything growing, well, it will be like that every year
    because I get just as excited about my garden each year as I was the
    first…and maybe even a bit more so because I know what’s coming. Belated
    Happy Birthday, I hope it was all you wished it to be.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  2. Great update Katie. And a very happy belated birthday to you. A pond would
    be a great idea and you can have flowering plants in the pond too!

    All the best.

  3. Great video. Your garden looks lovely. Good choice on the pea fence – yes
    the package may say they don’t need support – But I have found the hard way
    without supports they become a big mess and harvesting the pods is
    difficult. I made mine out of alder saplings that I cut off our fence last
    year. It is very rustic and I just love it. I knew they would come in
    handy. I have a hard time throwing anything away. I always find some way to
    use it in the garden. Looking forward to seeing your hazel arbor. About
    the swiss chard…it’s one veggie that keeps giving – I have mine for
    years. Just keep cutting it back and it regrows. Free food!

  4. Hi Katie, great video, well done. Hope you had a nice birthday. Don’t
    forget to feed your rose. I use a rose fertiliser that I sprinkle on the
    top of the soil around the base of the plant and then water in. I’m going
    to pinch your pea support idea as I am also growing Deuce Provence. Paul.

  5. You are doing a wonderful job, Katie. Your plants are looking very healthy
    and everything looks nice & tidy. I can tell you are very excited about
    your garden and have put a lot of thought into the planning of it. You will
    find that each year gets better than the last. I absolutely love gardening.
    It is good for body, mind & soul.

  6. Happy birthday my friend! I just found your channel I love it and

  7. I love your pea support idea, Katie. I’m always looking for new ways to
    support my peas because nothing I’ve tried yet has worked as well as I
    hoped it would. I might give your idea a try this season. 

  8. Nice update, Katie!
    Like that you keep the rustic “style” on your plot. Makes it look so cozy
    and balanced.
    Keep up the good work!
    Hope you had a happy birthday! :)

    Best wishes,

  9. I so want a girly shed of my own but mine would have to go in my front yard
    and I don’t think my husband would agree to it. I love yours so much!

  10. Great video Katie, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the update. I’m now thinking to make a small pond about a metre
    square and hopefully the frogs will eat loads of slugs and snails!
    I think the tomatoes should be ok from now…. we’ll see!

  12. heart warming from alabama

  13. Nice update all the best with your lot :) look forward to more videos

  14. Brilliant pea frame, and good looking, thanks for sharing, thanks to Dad!

  15. Quality, keep up the good work katie

  16. A belated happy birthday! I wondered when you would publish your next video
    as I’ve loved watching them so far.

    I thought it was a little early for planting out tomatoes (as I’m in the
    U.K. too). Mine are still growing on a windowsill in pots and I was
    planning on giving it another fortnight (at least) before planting them
    out. I shall be looking at yours with a lot of interest.

    Keep up the good work, Joe.

  17. Hi Kate, it’s all looking good and I trust you enjoyed your birthday?
    I would definitely go for the pond, no matter how small, even a sunken
    washing up bowl. A little water will attract so much beneficial wildlife to
    your plot.
    My son dug a hole last year in our plot and we lined it, filled it with
    water and left it. We made a log pile one end with all of the old trunks we
    dug out from last year (our first year was last year) and nature has done
    it’s work.
    We were so excited when only a couple of weeks ago we saw our first frog in
    our pond.
    It’s now become our thinking area where we can sit and have a break and
    look at all the creatures flitting across the water. It just amazes me how
    life just appears from nowhere, we’re even letting the weeds grow around it
    too to make it as natural looking as we can.
    Keep up the wonderful work Kate, I’m even thinking of pinching your dad’s
    idea with the support frame and I love the garden twine as a netting
    Looking forward to seeing the Hazel arch next month.
    Thanks again, John

  18. Hi Katie, I really enjoy watching your videos. I like your retro / shabby
    chic style and feminine touches, your allotment is looking lovely. A small
    pond is a good idea because in addition to frogs the water also attracts
    other beneficial insects. Another way to combat the lack of ground space
    for flowers is to put a few hanging baskets around on your fence posts &
    shed. By the way I love your dad’s idea for the support for the peas. I
    want to create an arch for my peas and beans so am looking forward to
    seeing your update when you create yours. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

  19. Small ornamental bantums are pretty and clear all slugs plus give eggs

  20. very nice good luck in your growing you have worked hard on your allotment
    . im in the process of growing tomatos and strawberrys in my garden ive
    only been here a year so its early just wondering on a previuos video where
    did you get your posts thank you ,,, ben

  21. Another fan of your dad’s stake and cane system here –
    I will definitely have to implement that idea in my garden!
    Why not a pond surrounded by wild flowers! Best of both worlds.
    How big is your shed, BTW?

  22. I wish you happy 25th.. :) But you look only 18 or 19..

  23. great update katie :-) all the best for this years growing :-) 

  24. Happy Belated Birthday (You look younger than 25!) Nice update. Your
    Allotment is moving right along. I like the idea of the pond as well! Best
    of luck. Looking forward to your next update. Happy Birthday again.

  25. thanks for another great video, love your pea support all the best plots
    will have ones just like that this season. How tall will your tomatoes
    grow will they also need supports at some point :-) And a belated happy
    birthday xx looking forward to seeing your rose flower as purple is my
    favourite colour

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