Keep planting your Seeds..

Keep planting your Seeds..

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Question by RP: Question on getting some tomato plants going here -?
I bought some small big boy tomato plants at nursery – they are about 10″ tall. Just planted them in garden couple days ago. Its always hard the first few days on watering or not, etc. I watered them each day a little bit. Today I notice they are getting some yellow and white blotchy patches on the lower older leaves. They are not wilting (lack of water), they are standing up good & straight, just getting the odd coloring on leaves. What would this be? Nutrients lacking, maybe need Miracle grow type boost spray on them, or more water ? Less water ? I am not sure what to do. Thanks for any help !!

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Answer by mkb80
Whether to water or not depends upon your soil type and weather right now. Generally speaking, I would not water them each day.

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  1. most vegetable plants need to go through a process where they are watered, and then the soil is allowed to dry out. And then the process is repeated. If the soil remains wet for too long, it will advance the loss of nutrients as they leach through the soil. Any time I spot yellow leaves on tomato plants, I usually back off of the watering just a bit.
    Also, be careful when you do water so that you prevent water from splashing onto the plant. This splashing will cause bacteria and viruses and can sometimes be recognized by white splotches on the leaves.

    good luck

  2. With years of experience I have learned that when planting tomato plants I always pinch of all but the top three branches. Then plant them deep all the way up to them top branches. Every branch you pinch off turns into root. You end up with nice heavy stocks. And it
    eliminates the problem of those bottom branches turning colors. It may sound weird but works very well.

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