Kids and a Cook: Heirloom Tomato Salad

Kids and a Cook: Heirloom Tomato Salad

Kids and a Cook learn about tomatoes. Here Elisabeth shows her favorite thing to do with fresh herbs. You can use this method all year long using vine ripe t…
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Question by Sandy: disgusting salad dish?
My bf prepared me a salad dish with red tomatos, black beans, and pears. He got offended when I did not eat it… but uh isn’t that gross?

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Answer by hopeful678
Maybe a little bit, but you have to admire him for trying to make you something nice!

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  1. This sounds like a good recipie I know a few people who could really get
    into this. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah I would have to agree with u on this. That does not sound good at all. At least your bf did try to cook for you though some guys don’t cook at all.

  3. I guess

  4. that sounds very disgusting, beans and pears do not go together

  5. I would have been offended too. He went to the effort to prepare you something and you didn’t even try it? I think the salad sounds interesting and probably tasted great with the right salad dressing. It’s like chocolate mousse with cayenne pepper. It doesn’t sound good but it is super tasty.

  6. well the pears could have been omitted. maybe exchange the black beans for fresh mushrooms, toss some honeydew melon in there.. then i would have eaten it.

  7. Yeah, I wouldn’t have eaten that either.

  8. No offense to him but it sounds pretty gross.And maybe if he tasted it he might understand.
    If he’s mad at you tell him lovingly “I really like you,but your salads are not your best talent.”
    His idea was there but together its kinda gross.

  9. While that doesn’t sound very appetizing to me, I’d still try it, just because my boyfriend made it. Who knows, it just might be a tasty combination! But, at least try a bite, just to be kind to his feelings. Yes, you can say that you don’t like the combination, but you’ll be showing him that you’re considerate of his feelings. < *)))><

  10. The pears are strange in a salad like that. Why didn’t you just remove them and eat the rest? You shouldn’t have hurt his feeling when he was nice enough to fix something for you to eat.

  11. It does not sound very appetizing, I’ll agree, but if my bf made me anything at all, I would die before I said anything negative about it or refused to eat it.

  12. Did you even try it? If I made something for my boyfriend and he refused to even sample it, yeah, I would be upset. It doesn’t hurt you to try something that you may not like, but it hurts him that you didn’t appreciate his effort whatsoever. Try being slightly open-minded next time, maybe then you’ll have better luck.

  13. eh i wouldnt eat it either

  14. I think you should at least eat a mouthful of it and skip unwanted reluctantness.. give him a chance at least he put in effort to try to make you happy.. right? if u had made something for him and you will be offended too if he did not eat it right? he’s sweet enough i think..

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