Kissan Tomato Chili Sauce – Old TVC

Kissan Tomato Chili Sauce - Old TVC

A Crunchy Chilli and a Luscious Tomato in one! The sweet taste of tomato and the hot taste of chilli! Now, in Kissan’s Chilli and Tomato sauce.
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Question by Sammy: What’s a good pasta recipe with fresh chopped tomatoes in it?
good recipe or link to pasta with fresh tomatoes in it… Not a red sauce, something else. thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by W4bark
Roasted veggies and pasta.
Use a flat baking sheet.
Cut some green bell peppers//mushrooms//sliced cherry tomato’s//vadalia onion//
Sprinkle with olive oil–and bake @ 400-[F]
Also sprinkle with dry oregano.
Fresh cracked black pepper.
Work those veggies until sweet and dark.
I would suggest Penne Rigati (Ziti)
Riccotta Cheese
(try some extra virgin olive oil)
Add the roasted veggies.

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