Kitchen Boss- A Baker’s Tomato Sauce Secret

Kitchen Boss- A Baker's Tomato Sauce Secret

Watch Kitchen Boss Weekdays @ 5:30pm! | | As a baker, Buddy likes to add a sweet touch to his favorit…
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Question by Ezella Dysart: can you use tomato soup in jambalaya?
I don’t have tomato paste and I can’t eat tomatoes.

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Answer by Cecesan
If you don't have tomatoes paste and can't eat tomatoes, why are you using tomatoes soup for jambalaya. Maybe you could use alternatives like using mashed sweet potatoes soup or beans/lentil soup with Cajun seasonings for your special jambalaya '

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  1. I think that comment is a little bit harsh Irene gosh, I think this guy is
    beyond talented and he deserves all the glory! 

  2. Your father’s Italian origins doesn’t make you Italian at all, when you are
    born and grown up in America! Tomato sauce secret is not sugar… We
    (Italians) throw away tomatoes if they are acid! It’s frustrating to see
    how talentless people succeed, just because the rest is so ignorant to
    distinguish what is right and what is wrong!

  3. Hes the next Emeril Buddy real and a professional

  4. y r they using buddy 4 every single cooking show??

  5. I’m italian and if the tomato sauce is too acid or bitter I add a little
    spoon of sugar. It depends on subjective taste. Anyway I hate the way he
    explains “italian original recipes” We italians don’t put oil, butter and
    garlic on exceed in every dish, it’s not healthy! Just do the baker.

  6. This vid is frrresh :)

  7. sono le ricete della sua famiglia .forse il popolo italiano deve avere la
    mente un po piu aperta al nuovo

  8. go to 0.00

  9. @joshdarkensins I agree 100%

  10. 2nd comment YEAH!!!

  11. yum looks soooo good

  12. I think they should call this show “Anyone Can Cook” I tried to watch a
    couple episodes. I think he should stick to baking where he shines.

  13. I’m Italian and we never put sugar in our sauce.

  14. He is the cook with the highest fraction of complaints. Cannot be a
    coincidence. We should ask officially the channel to stop this.

  15. I can’t believe a big media company like TLC uploaded a very poor video.
    There are some a teenage girls who do a better job than TLC and upload HD
    videos of them putting on makeup.

  16. forse non e la riceta originale ma come gusto e migliore.bravo buddy non
    capisco perche si ofendono perche tu dici sempre che sono le ricete della
    tua famiglia siciliana.

  17. wow. this is just outstanding. I am truly astonished at his skill and wide
    vocabulary. Amazing.

  18. putting sugar to tomatoes is about as much of a culinary secret as pissing
    with the toilet seat up is a urinary secret

  19. only this guy can make such a simple thing as a tomato sauce look gross

  20. …how is oil beautiful -.-

  21. I’m going to have to try that.

  22. i am italian from milano and this is not a Tomato Sauce my god!!!!!

  23. Oh please, he obviously can cook, that’s why he has multiple shows! Don’t
    watch it if you don’t like it!

  24. @TyphlosionExplosion You got that right!

  25. no offense to Buddy and the show Kitchen Boss but there are a lot of other
    chefs out there that can cook better than this.

  26. It depends on which recipe you use as the Jambalaya I know has no tomatoes at all

    Just remember it will be thinner, and will bot be as strong in taste

  27. Why can you not eat tomatoes? If you have an allergy then you should steer clear of tomatoes in any form, be it paste, puree, sauce or soup.
    If it’s just a ‘thing’ you have against tomatoes, then a little soup might work as long as it is the condensed variety to which you would normally add water or milk.

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