Making Avocado And Tomato Salad Dressing

Making Avocado And Tomato Salad Dressing

Making avocado and tomato salad dressing. See more cooking ideas at:
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Question by Crystal: Am I weird because I don’t like raw tomatoes?
My family thinks I’m nuts because I hate raw tomatoes. I like cooked ones just fine but if I have a hamburger or salad, I always ask them to leave off the tomatoes.

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Answer by Casandra
Im the same. And no it’s not weird. You can’t like everything. I like ketchup but hate raw tomatoes. It’s very normal don’t worry

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  1. Now but if you want to feel weird and unique because of this, go for it…but really it’s not weird or unique at all in my opinion.

  2. even i hate tomatoes… raw and cooked both,,,
    its ok to dislike sumthng :)

  3. No it not werid I am vegan but used dislike vegatables or fruits until ppl told me they help me stay nutrient if i eat more. I get used by liking to eat a lot. I like them a lot that I alnmost eat all. My bro dislike tomate (i think) all vegetables too. And I dislike raw. Yet I like it cooked or grilled. He disliked it eaither. Ha. We are twin, but I am abt 2 years old. He dislike carrot but I am trying eat carrot more even thru I dislike it. I dislike banana more than any fruits , but I am trying eat it.

    My mom /dad are start think I am crazy because I even like eat mushroom (brown one) and onion/garlic (all raw) on tofu burger. It ain’t hot to me. It is delicious only if you eat some sometimes, onion can be benefitical. To help deduce blood stress and stuffs. Just be sure to NOT eat everyday making your breath stink. LOL

  4. No, they don’t own your taste buds you do. Hey different strokes for different folks!

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