Making Eggshell & Banana Peel Organic Tomato Fertilizer: Blossom End Rot – The Rusted Garden 2013

Making Eggshell & Banana Peel Organic Tomato Fertilizer: Blossom End Rot - The Rusted Garden 2013

You can use dried eggshells and banana peels to make a great organic calcium and potassium fertilizer. It also has a lot of other micro nutrients in it. Just…
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Question by What’s up?: Tomato leaves turning yellow to dry brown? should i destroy it?
i got this one tomato plant. it leaves have been yellow for some time now. the tree is about 3 feet and has tomatoes on it. the tomatoes colors does look a little weirdish green.
but anyways today when i went to look, the leaves were drying out and the vine was also yellowing. i got like 100 tomato plants around. should i destroy this one if it has a CONTAGIOUS disease? WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT,
it aint beacuse of over or underwatering or hot temps

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Answer by StevenQ
Have you checked for critters? I and several other people near me(SoCal) have been having a problem with small white flies. Try shaking the leaves and see if they start flying around. Check for other bugs too. I got rid of them with some Ortho bug-be-gone.

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  1. I had blossom end rot on watermelons last season. Do you think this will
    work for watermelons as well?

  2. Great video, Gary. I am learning so much from you!

  3. If I use vinegar to free the calcium in the egg shells will it damage the
    potassium from the banana peels? 

  4. Great Videos! I’m learning! I also want to know if I could use powdered
    milk as the calcium source with the dried pulverized banana peels. How
    often could I add this mixture around the base of the tomato plant? Also,
    could this mixture be used for other vegetable plants? Which ones?

  5. Excellent! will try this

  6. Great tips as always Gary. One question. I am very worried about
    over-fertilizing. Is this method safe? How often should I fertilize my
    tomatoes this way? Thanks in advance.

  7. Thanks for the videos Gary, they have been very helpful. What is the best
    way to dry the banana peels? In the oven too?

  8. Great video! Thanks for the info

  9. Is there another organic substitute to egg shells? We don’t eat eggs. 

  10. Oh yeah, Gary I have one more question. Is miracle grow potting soil
    sufficient by itself, or do I need to add peet moss, or other types of
    fertilizer as well?

  11. Gary can you use eggshells from boiled eggs or do they have to be raw
    eggshells just rinsed out and dried please?

  12. How long did you have peels in oven for? 

  13. After the mixture is complete do you just sprinkle it on top of the soil,
    or mix it in underneath? How often should I add this mixture? Thx

  14. I have been adding my dried egg shells and banana peals to my compost.. My
    mother always put her banana peals on her roses.

  15. how are you , If anyone else wants to grow you own delicious healthy
    organic home produce quick it’s worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic
    Miracle (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it from my
    brother in law – great!

  16. Thank you Gary, for your research and sharing your information for others
    to grow better plants.

  17. Thank you for this video! I knew about the banana peals as fertilizer from
    another Youtuber who boild the banana peals and makes a fine liquid
    fertilizer with them, but I haven’t tried the eggshells yet.

    I’m trying to grow tomatoes in pots for the first time ever (since I live
    in a small apartment and don’t have a garden to use). When would it be a
    good time to add this? Right now, my future tomato plants are just
    sprouting from their seeds, so they are in a little plastic cup still. 😛

    Thanks for teaching us this and for your potential answer. ;)

  18. great video – thanks – but how do you dry up banana peels – only in the

  19. oyster shell can be substituted for egg shell and bought at a feed store

  20. What should I use instead of Egg shell?

  21. +Gary Pilarchik Is it necessary to oven dry the shells? Does something
    happen at that temp that doesn’t happen in air drying? Thanks. Subscribed

  22. How long did you have peels in oven for? 

  23. I’ve been saving & drying my eggshells in a plastic bag…then when I have
    a bagful, I pulverize them [dry] in my blender…& add them to a small
    pail, until it’s full…However, I feel silly that I’ve been throwing my
    banana peels away…I’ll have to begin drying & saving them to chop up in
    blender also, for my veggie garden. Thanks for the tip! :)

  24. Great info here.

    So, The eggshells @ 175 degrees for about 30 minutes , Is this true?
    And the banana peels , what temp and how long on them to dry out in oven?


  25. That’s great. I do that with eggshells already but I never knew I could do
    that with banana peels.
    BTW I throw the banana peels under my plants to keep the aphids away. I can
    collect the dry ones and grind them like you did. Thanks again!! 

  26. The main reasons why tomatoes have yellow leaves are not enough water or too much water, they could also need some fertilizer. Leaves do die, especially the lower leaves. If the leaves have black spots and or may be sort of wavy, you could have black spot.

    Try picking all of the dead leaves off and put them into a trash bag. If more leaves continue to die, and the other plants are just fine, I would just remove the bad plant and cover the dirt with a plastic cloth to kill whatever the disease may be.

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