Making Pizza Sauce Pt.1: Processing Tomatoes into Paste, Sauce, & Saving Tomato Juice

Making Pizza Sauce Pt.1: Processing Tomatoes into Paste, Sauce, & Saving Tomato Juice

Mrs. Reaganite starts the labor of love that is making pizza sauce from scratch. In this first episode, we process the raw tomatoes, and get a few gallons of…
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Question by tropico00: How long does it take to ferment these juices?
So pls tell me how long does it take to ferment 5ml of grape juice, pomegranate juice, lemon juice , carrot juice and tomato juice by 2g of bakers yeast…. pls tell me the exact time

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Answer by T.
Hey kid, that is why they call that an experiment. You are supposed to find that out for yourself. I’m not about to do your homework for you.
Next dumb questions from students, please………..

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  2. I’m learning so much love the SHOW…..FUNNY TO 

  3. I core them and dice them. once reduced down i strain them through a hand
    till just for tomatoes. Gets all the seeds and skin with no waste.

  4. Mrs. Reaganite: Love the name. Tomato Geeks. Very nice.

  5. MORE Mrs Reganite!! She’s funnier…. :)

  6. Mrs. Reganite is beautiful :) I love seeing the two of you interact hehe!

  7. This is great! I can tell the recipe is amazing, but watching the two of
    you is really funny and heart-warming!

  8. Well thank you very much. Spray those blossoms with apple juice too and
    you’ll be one happy camper 😉

  9. The name of the kitchen tool for getting skin/seed free tomato paste or
    juice is: A Food Mill. There are a couple of different versions, one has a
    wiper on the bottom the other doesn’t. There are also two sizes. And there
    ones that have flip out extensions to help hold in over the pot and a
    version that just has bent hooks. I like the one with a wiper, with hooks
    and the large size. I just finished canning 20 jars of tomato juice.

  10. I’ve started wearing an apron, sometimes just when I am eating soup. The
    apron can be stain sticked and seems to come cleaner than regular clothing.
    I began after getting my husband, who has Parkinsons, an apron. The stain
    stick worked and could wash in warmer water if we wished. So protect those
    nice clothes.

  11. It’s hard not to when you’re peeling, seeding, and juicing tomatoes. It’s a
    good idea to wear dark clothing 😉

  12. I already love your pizza sauce, and that was a really good, fun time, so
    make sure you come back real soon. LOVED IT!!!

  13. Yeah, forget Food Network or Cooking channels lol. Just watch this channel.

  14. Thanks. I’ve been looking at a few models this week 😉

  15. I admire that work. That is lots of work and time to make that from
    scratch!! But so worth it! And takes even more time to make a video of it!
    Good Job!

  16. she is so cute! lol im not rachel ray!

  17. Thank you.

  18. No doubt.

  19. Yes we are a small group on facebook who love maters. We have a website
    also.We welcome you anytime.

  20. Thanks a bunch.

  21. Going on 18 years now. Thanks Kim.

  22. Mrs. Reaganite: Someday. Someday. It is on my wish list. But, for now, I’ll
    just keep making do with what I’ve got. But, on the other hand, my kitchen
    is so tiny, I don’t know where I would put one more tool as much as I would
    love to have one!! Someday.

  23. I just found your channel tonight. I started with the video on spanking
    tomatoes, and 4 videos later, here I am. I love watching you two in the
    kitchen…I laughed aloud several times! I’ve already learned so much from
    you and there are so many more videos to watch. Thank you for the work you
    put into making your knowledge available to so many! I will be spanking my
    Hawaiian Pineapple Tomato plant tomorrow. It’s about 4 ft. high, has had
    numerous flowers but only 2 tomatoes so far.

  24. You guys should make more late night videos…. Hilarious! Looking forward
    to part 2.

  25. I have always cored my tomatoes after blanching them…and I don’t know
    why. Think your way’s going to be easier. I’m lazy about the seeds
    though….Waiting for part deux!

  26. I personally would omit the tomato juice. That’s gonna taste horrible, and try to get a brewers yeast. But to answer exactly I would wait 6 to 8 weeks.

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