Mariah Milano’s Pork Chops with Sweet Peppers & Tomatoes!

Mariah Milano's Pork Chops with Sweet Peppers & Tomatoes!

Once again I turn to my ongoing love affair with pork. This time I use my cast iron skillet to pan fry a couple of nice pork chops in a bit of Canola oil. I …
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Question by Monya Y: Never tried American Sweets!?
I have never tried an American sweet, since I live in Australia.
I haven’t tried:

Jolly Ranchers,

Are Australians missing out on anything?

(What are twinkies by the way?)

Best answer:

Answer by charlene
i;m not in america though i’m american

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  1. sure lol but I don’t like in BK

  2. Time to eat

  3. honey thats the way to attack a pork chop. got to get ur hands messy to get
    to the bone. ( no pun intended) love my cast iron skillet also, the fact u
    can put it in the oven is a bonus. btw love ur hair, ur hair is amazing no
    matter what style u choose to ware. happy easter princess. love ya ralph xx

  4. U need to get back into shape. Are you eating all this food

  5. Are one of those pork chops for me? That looks so delicious!

  6. thanks Michael 😉

  7. yup it is! :) thanks for watching!

  8. thanks babe! :)

  9. Wow you make even things I hate look irresistible keep it up beautiful!!
    PS: Love your hair like that!

  10. thanks babe :)

  11. welcome! :) been cooking for 4 years

  12. You are doing such an amazing job babe everything looks so incredibly

  13. that’s the best compliment you could give me! :)

  14. Your videos make me hungry and horny both at the same time.

  15. thank you ralph :)

  16. were there a way to eat all you want and remain small then i would be the
    first to use it. but damn it, there’s nothing better than eating food. be

  17. First comment, Whats up Mariah, how long have you been cooking for?

  18. if you live in bk I’d like to try ya food you can bring me some food to
    union square

  19. love ur hair here baby girl i could watch u all night so much fun!

  20. sure babe :) enjoy!

  21. I like your hair

  22. sorry I just can’t take advice seriously from someone named Gotti Junior
    who’s wearing a mask lol

  23. thank you! :) tried something new

  24. me too :)

  25. No. You’ll have your own goodies. Twinkies are a kind of tiny swiss roll sealed in plastic. Log shaped yellow sponge with cream stuff inside. They are indestructible.

  26. Yes I am eating Jolly Ranchers right now, (cherry flavor), now grape, yum. A twinkie, is a little yellow sponge cake, filled with white sweet cream, very tasty.

  27. not really, I’m sure there’s some sort of sweets you guys have that are similar. twinkies are sweet bread type things with cream inside, soooo not good for you. =] hersheys is just chocolate, jolly ranchers are just fruity hard candies, bubbalicious is like cotton candy flavored gum. bubbalicious is a must!

  28. a twinkie is a small oblong cake filled with white cream or custard, the cake is usually yellow, small enough to be one bite for a big guy or several bites for a child.

  29. Hey, I live in Australia.. i have no idea what jolly ranchers or bubbalicious are BUT

    we do have twinkies! they are just called different names here.. its just like a little sponge cake roll with cream in them
    -heres a link about them

    and we have Hersheys brand chocolate.. they sell it in supermarkets.. im assuming its the same thing.

    I know this isnt much help but just thought id let you know!

  30. i’m in australia too and there is a reasonable range of US candy available here, hershey bars, Reece’s peanut butter cups(yummy), candy corn, tootsie rolls, sweet tarts,junior mints(big W), hershey kisses etc etc etc. most are available from specialty lolly shops and there is a US food store in melbourne that carries quite a good range. I have a friend from texas that used to bring heaps of candy back from the states and i got hooked on them and that was 25 years ago, way before u could but any stuff here. It’s a lot better these days thats for sure….I really like hershey chocolate

    heres the link for the store in melbourne

    for those that answered after me, yes violet crumbles are australian… a honeycombe bar coated in chocolate. vegemite is a vegetable yeast extract, looks a bit like tar, tastes very salty but is delicious if u use it properly. if u ever get the chance to try it u only spread a very thin layer on ur toast, bread, roll or whatever u have it on. for a first timer i wouldn’t put more than 1/2 a teaspoon on a slice of bread. My personal favourite is toast with vegemite, tomato and avocado, there are plenty of other things that go well with it too, cheese is great….yum…42 yrs of eating vegemite and I still love it

  31. Nooooo, not at all. I grew up in LA and still live here… my very favorite candy bar is Violet Crumble….is that from Australia??

  32. Twinkies are identical kies, and 4 alike are called quadkies.
    ok, ok, what is vegamite?

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