Mass Appeal Pasta Carbonara and Tomato Bruschetta

Mass Appeal Pasta Carbonara and Tomato Bruschetta

Do you have a craving for pasta? Or are you looking for an easy way to prepare those fresh, ripe tomatoes from your garden? Chef John Slattery from Four Main…
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Question by who WAS #1?: How to make pasta sauce of a lot of canned tomato products?
I have a lot of cans of various tomato products, diced, sauce, paste, whole, and wish to use them up eventually by converting them into pasta or noodle sauce. They won’t keep forever in cans. Any suggestions?

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Answer by clara
Tomatoes can be added to any meat you like and vegetables you like, it’s very versatile
spaghetti bolognese ie meat and tomato
Spaghetti marinara, tomato and fish/prawns etc
Tomato and vegetables ie zucchini, mushroom, capsicum

Make a minestrone soup or vegetable soup

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  1. Sauté garlic,onion,fresh parsley,oregano,and basil.Add it to your canned tomatoes and take a hand mixer to it.Heat and add salt and pepper to taste.As long as you use fresh herbs its heavenly.We serve the sauce over pasta,ravioli,or even use it in chicken Parmesan

  2. canned vegetables usually last for a couple of years or maybe 3. did you check the dates?
    cook them down and add stuff.
    there are only 5000 pasta sauce recipes on line.
    red wine (or sweet vermouth) or white wine
    salt and pepper
    red pepper flakes
    olive oil

    it’s a good idea to add some tomato paste to the diced or crushed tomatoes, to add some body to the sauce.

    roasted peppers, mushrooms. olives. you can add just about anything that looks “Mediterranean”
    it’s up to your creativity.

  3. Mix all in a blender, cook on the stove till warm to take a lot of the water from them pour into glass bottles like you are canning and store till needed. (1 year) Or put into storage containers in the freezer till needed. (2 years)

  4. You can use all of them in pasta sauce. Put them in the cupboard with those in front that expire first. The paste would have to have water added to it when you use one can into two cans of diced and a little water. I would brown some ground beef, add the diced, one paste, and some chopped garlic, oregano, basil, onion. It’s the spices that will make it taste good, use them as you like. The whole tomatoes would have to be cut up a little for sauce. I use tomatoes in chili also. Almost the same thing but with kidney or other beans added instead of pasta’

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