Mere Minutes: Making fresh tomatillo salsa and tomato salsa

Mere Minutes: Making fresh tomatillo salsa and tomato salsa

Just a short video on what I’ve been doing with some of the stuff I’ve been growing this summer. Here are two of my favorite types of salsas. For the first o…
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Question by Brandon: is it healthy if i eat scrambled eggs with green beans and tomatos?
My eggs don’t have nothing added like oil or salt it just has veggies like green beans and cooked tomatoes is that a healthy meal or no

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Answer by Summa Rudis
Some will say that it would be a lot healthier if you omitted the egg yolks, I on the other hand would not. Very healthy with or without.

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  1. My buddy +Steve Ramsey has a YouTube channel “Woodworking for Mere Mortals”
    and he sent me a *tostonera* that he made, which I’ll be using in an
    episode soon (like, 2 weeks!).

    He also makes other videos sometimes. Here’s a short one on making salsa.
    It’s worth it for the soundtrack alone.

  2. Love me some salsa! Maybe you should let Wyatt be in charge of the music
    from now on.

  3. Salsa criolla , en Argentina ,saludos

  4. looks good Got recipes??

  5. Tomatillos.

  6. Do a google search if u dont know what a molcajete is. Grettings from
    Monterrey, Mx.

  7. Steve Ramsey turned Gordon Ramsey?

  8. Well, you’re lucky to have produce. Here in southern Indiana the drought
    has completely devastated everything. Even the few cherry tomatoes I got
    this summer were smaller than dimes! Enjoy the fruits of your summer!!

  9. tasty snack mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. Prilosec otc

  11. I like it

  12. dat song salsaaaaaaa, saaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllssssssssssa, salsa salsa,

  13. No eye or ear protection? You’re obviously an unvetted salsa maker. Lol.
    Good video buddy

  14. Great! Ilike it very much!

  15. Steve, try boiling the tomatillos and jalapeños , use the blender or the
    molcajete,then add some chopped onions ,(raw not cooked), and salt and you
    will get a tipical salsa from the north of Mexico…… saludos desde
    Allende N.L. Mexico

  16. Great video Steve! Your making me hungry!!!! Good thing I made a cutting
    board of my own, because it’s gonna get used to make some salsa…

  17. salsa making for mere mortals

  18. hey steve, what are those green balls you are using in the first salsa ?

  19. What were those green round things??

  20. Well I guess that isnt a blender itsa chopper of some sort.

  21. I roast the jalapeños then do more or less the same for the green salsa.

  22. Steve, you have gotten pretty good at the editing thing

  23. Recipes?

  24. roasting jalapenos removes the sharpness of its heat. adds flavor but
    lessens the heat.

  25. ha you made ​​the salad on the board that some have complained that you put
    mineral oil, very good, and you did not go to the hospital, will be that
    they are wide-eyed

  26. It would be fine as long as that is part of a balanced diet. You wouldn’t be able to exist on that alone

  27. Yes, very healthy especially if you use olive oil to sir fry them together. A little bit of sea salt won’t hurt either, unless you have health issues that prevent you from eating salt.

  28. That sounds healthy and delicious.

  29. Yes they’re very healthy. They have an ideal combo of fat and protein to keep you full, burn fat and are also good for your brain. All the nutrition is in the yolk and it has no link to weight gain, cholesterol or heart disease. Only people stuck in the nutritional dark ages still make those claims. Even if you added more oil (if its a healthy oil) and salt it would be fine. Those are healthy for you and its actually very ignorant to promote low fat and low sodium diets to most. The green beans and tomatoes are also healthy. Just avoid bread and empty carbs, even from whole grains. They’re what make you fat and cause all kinds of illnesses in the long run.

  30. yes….if you start your day with eggs you will be fuller throughout the day:)

  31. Not bad. If you want even better, leave out beans and add mounds of cheese and coconut oil. Add some bacon.

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