Mia and the Cherry Tomato

Mia and the Cherry Tomato

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Question by james w: windowsill tomato growing ?
What is the best tomato for Indoor sw facing windowsill getting a good 6 hrs morning sun los angeles growing? … (last year I found that 8 hrs of hot los angeles sun was just too much… and the plants were constantly withering from too much heat/sun regardless of the amount of water I was giving) —– Id like it to be indeterminate. Size does NOT matter. San Fransisco fog ???? Early girl ??? Stupice ???? italian plum ??? cherry ???

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Answer by Stephen
Eight hours of sun is what tomatoes love, but since you are putting them in a planter box for windowsill plantings, that is your biggest mistake. Tomatoes require a lot of water and what water you are giving them is leaching right out of your planter boxes, that’s why they always looked droopy because they needed water. Buy one or two of those big peat pots that are 2or more feet in diameter. If you have no room for these pots and cannot plant them in the ground, then I suggest leaving them out of a little planter box and going to the local farmers market to purchase your tomatoes.

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  1. Tang is so gentle, she didn’t bust the tomato. What entertainment for her!
    What’s with all the toys, she has you hook, line, and sinker! Linda HD

  2. Would she eventually eat the tomato?

  3. ha ha, I didn’t have my glasses on, and I was reading Mia and Cherry
    Tornado, and I was like “what the heck? where is the tornado?” lol

  4. Ive been growing tomatoes for a couple of years in my conservatory – I live in the UK and our summers don’t exactly get very warm. Out of these 3 – ‘Orange Bourgain’, ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Burpees Delicious’ – Burpees Delicious has been my best performer and is also my favourite tasting if using in salads.

    Of course they may not grow the same for you but one tip for the withering is to make sure you put alot of vermiculite in the compost – this helps keep the moisture in the soil around the roots and not draining out – this really helped me out and indoors it can be a big problem because of the general low humidity. Here’s where I got that tip from – http://www.practicalhomeandgarden.com/the-upside-down-tomato-garden

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