Mimi playing cherry tomato beer pong

Mimi playing cherry tomato beer pong

she is a ringer.
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Question by Scarlet: Has any one tried to grow their own tomatoes in a hanging pot? How did that work out for you?
My dog eats my tomatoes and I don’t have all the room that I want this year to grow them. I was pondering starting them in a hanging pot from my front porch. Any ideas or tips? I didn’t want to spend the money on those kits if I could rig it up myself.

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Answer by cyanne2ak
It only works if they are hanging DIRECTLY in sunlight.

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  1. I bet those little cherry tomatoes would work fine, given the many vines they would drape and look nice as well. They would be great to pitch to the dog as well as through into a salad.

  2. i lived in an apartment and tried this with cherry tomatos. watering is very important. and sunlight. they dont do too good actually in a hanging pot. i got probably 10 times less yield if not more. gl

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