Mom making Tomato Salad

Mom making Tomato Salad

Recorded on July 3, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Question by Carmela ©1973: How long should I put a tomato in the microwave for so that it will be warm for a salad?

OMG! Is this weird? I just don’t like freezing cold tomatos. It’s a cold salad. I’m starved and I hate extreme temperatures….I feel so embarrased now!

Best answer:

Answer by ms.c
7 seconds

15 if it was in the fridge

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  1. I love this , very similar to our family ….

  2. Be very careful on placing a tomato in a microwave. If the tomato is whole, it can explode. Warming it will actually start cooking it which will also make it go limp. If you slice the tomato and zap it, it will go limp and fall apart if not careful. I am just having a hard time understanding why you would warm it to go in a salad. I can understand warming the dressing and drizzling it over the salad (as in a Wilted Spinach Salad) but not the tomato.

  3. Caremela, in the real serious department, I would not go past 15 seconds. Do you really need to warm the tomato, wouldn’t room temp be enough?


  4. Why would anyone want to warm a tomato for a cold salad? if it is a warm salad than the recipe would tell you when and how it needed to be done.

  5. Cut it into bite size pieces and give it 30 seconds.
    If that isnt warm enough, I guess give it more time.
    Kind of odd maybe putting hot tomato into a salad…

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