Mushroom Curry Recipe Video by Bhavna

Mushroom Curry Recipe Video by Bhavna

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Question by Hannah: Greek Chicken Pita recipe without cucumbers, tomatoes, or peppers?
I’m looking for a Greek chicken pita recipe, but all the ones I’ve seen call for either cucumbers, tomatoes, or peppers. I really don’t like cucumbers and tomatoes, but I like peppers sometimes. Would it still taste good if I omitted these? If not, what could I put in place of these?

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Answer by Tiny
Why not do a stuffed grape leaf with— stuffing: shredded cooked chicken, cooked rice, mint, oregano, garlic, onion, olive oil and whatever you like. Roll up stuffing into grape leaves and put in pan add salt and pepper drizzle w/more olive oil and squeeze a lemon or two over it all. Bake covered ay 375 for 30 mins then uncovered at350 for 30 more. Serve w/fresh crumbled fetta and herbs and tomatoes. Or use as a pita pocket stuffing as well and skip the grape leaves.

The above is a recipe I made up and is a family favorite–even with the kids!

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  1. Stumbled upon your video while watching another for spring rolls. I’m a
    vegetarian, so I was glad to find this channel. I like the simplicity of
    your videos. God bless you and know that I am a new watcher of your videos!

  2. Great Job, Bhavna! Keep going!

  3. Hi I will try this recipe today and I like this recipe so thank you very
    much bhavana 

  4. Hey, Love your show. I have been vegetarian for about 3 months now, and
    your recipes have made this transitions very easy for me. I have one
    question regarding this dish, would it be good if you replaced the
    mushrooms with chickpeas? or would you recommend something else? Thank

  5. This recipe is disaster. I tried yesterday and Procedure is completely
    wrong. First It does not get same color as shown in video. Also onion after
    shredding, Does not cook properly at all. I cooked for almost 20 mins
    before pouring mushrooms in it and still It was not cooked properly.

    Please do not try this recipe.

  6. Oh I totally smashed this curry. Although my curry looks nothing like a
    curry but no doubt it tastes and smells epic. Thanks Bhavna :)

  7. We had tried this recipe. It came well, the problem is that is was just
    watery. Any recipe we try it is just watery. We had also tried your
    paneer butter masala. If you have time please tell me the solution. All
    about it was very well. Thank you

  8. i loves your cooking but u know that u using some ingredients are not
    available in my surrounding place so please can u give us easy available
    things. im in please!thank u

  9. It turned out delicious….thank u for the recipe….! :-)

  10. Amazing, I love that u use all natural healthy ingredients , great videos
    :) x

  11. I had tried this recipe , it came very very very very very bad because it
    is very watery I am not satisfied with this recipe

  12. I love your cooking

  13. What’s ‘gowlick’? please lose the fake accent.

  14. Enjoy!

  15. thanq Bhavna… tried out this curry with chapathi… came out great.. and
    very easy too… thank uuuuu

  16. You most welcome…enjoy!

  17. I did not take my time cooking and trying to prepare many things before
    discovering you, so now that I’m enjoying this (as much as eating lol),
    thank you !

  18. Yah, I have been left handed ever since I was a kid…

  19. Hi ,sister,yummy ,lovely colourfull curry!! Awesome…i was able to see
    very clearly the onion paste getting oozing out oil at the sides of
    pan…lovely angle….can we even make with someveggies inthis
    gravy?mushrooms were soo perfectly sauted!! My son loves mushroom so this
    will be a great treat for him..your pan is very very look very
    cute with this apron…will try out this …thanks a loads ..god bless yu
    my sister…:)

  20. This looks lovely. I have been invited to a potluck in two weeks and I
    think this is what I am gonna take. Also love the fact that your videos are
    now in HD. ;o)

  21. I buy most stuff from walmart or kitchen collection outlet store. I have
    already shared nylon khaman, find under instant khaman.

  22. You most welcome…enjoy!

  23. Hey Bhavna, is that kadai a stoneware?

  24. Hi sis! Yes, as I said in video, you can add your favorite vegetables along
    with mushrooms such as green peas and many more. Keep enjoying!

  25. You most welcome anytime…and would sure love to hear how it turns out
    since it must be your favorite because you requested.

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