Nancy Today: Planting tomatoes 2 ASMR

Nancy Today: Planting tomatoes 2 ASMR

replacing subsoil with topsoil.
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Question by kazoo1991: Tomato plants-I have a question?
I have tomato plants that are about 16 inches tall. They already started having flowers on them.
I always thought that when the flowers died they would be replaced with tomato’s.
Is this true? There is not any tomato’s starting on them anywhere.
Is there something wrong with them?
ALSO, the lower branches keep turning yellowish, so I keep snipping them off, what is causing that?
Any advice would help.

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Answer by bornanashole
The yellowing is natural, it just shows that the plant is maturing, snipping it off is not needed. As for the tomato coming from the flower, you are correct, but it does take some time. A tomato plant has a gestation period of 90 days. From seed to bearing tomatoes. Once the flower falls off you probably will not see the tomato unless you are using a magnifying glass, they are tiny, but give it a week or so and you will see them growing.

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  1. Any particular type of tomato?

  2. We had snow today Nancy so I can’t imagine planting anything just yet!!

  3. You looked pooped!

  4. Flowers have to be pollinated usually by an insect (but can be done by the wind) before they turn into fruit or vegetables. You could use a cotton-bud and do it yourself or some people just lightly shake the tomato plant. Most plants have male and female part in the one flower but there are some plants that have separate male and female flowers on the one plant and others that have separate male and female plants. Tomatoes have both parts in the one flower.
    Pollination occurs when the pollen (from the anther – male part) transfers to the stigma (female part) and goes down to the ovary and creates a seed or seeds. The ovary grows into a fleshy protection around the seed and this becomes the fruit or vegetable.
    The lower branches turning yellow is normal and nothing to worry about. It is okay to cut them off. As the tomato plants gets taller, it sends its food higher up the stem where the new growth and the flowers are. The lower branches miss out and their cells are reabsorbed into the plant but they have already done their job in helping the plant grow when they were younger.

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