Nugget with cherry tomato

Nugget with cherry tomato

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Question by : How many tomatoes grow on one tomato plant?
I’m not sure how many tomatoes will grow on one single plant.. help??

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Answer by betty
The yield depends on the kind of tomato. Cherry, grape, plum, beef, heirloom and the list is so much more extensive nowadays. Need more.

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  1. Depending on the size?10 to 12 tomatoes.

  2. It depends on type, as mentioned. One year I grew 2 indeterminate-type cherry tomatos (that means the vine keeps growing and growing) which became HUGE and I got tons of cherry tomatoes off them. Other years, I’ve grown a regular standard size tomato plant and only gotten 5 or 6 before disease or nematodes killed the plant. I think, ideally, a healthy full size tomato plant should yeild between 20 and 50 tomatoes per plant (depending on region, weather, water, soil-type fertilizer, general care & if it doesn’t get sick.)

  3. Depends on the type of tomato and the growing season. In the midwest, I typically would get about 100 lbs from one plant per season.
    Out here in Oregon, I figure one BLT sandwich per plant (we have deer, sigh.)

  4. i average 20 lbs on untrained field grown tomatoes in northern ohio

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